Nintendo Switch OLED bundle throws in a free 128GB memory card for Labor Day

Nintendo Switch OLED deal
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If you're a fan of free stuff, this Nintendo Switch OLED bundle is one of the better deals we've seen today. Basically, you're getting a 128GB memory card for nothing. And not a shoddy budget one, either - it's an official accessory from SanDisk, one of the biggest names in the digital storage business.

Available for $349.99 at Walmart as part of the retailer's Labor Day sales, this Nintendo Switch OLED bundle saves you the $34.99 it'd cost to buy the SD card separately. And because that $350 price tag is also the OLED's standard MSRP, you're getting the 128GB memory card for free.

That's more than a little handy, because the OLED only has 64GB of internal memory. If you've played games on any other platform or have tried to download movies onto your laptop, you'll know this isn't very much in the grand scheme of things. As such, SD cards like this one are some of the first Nintendo Switch accessories to consider after buying a console if you want to store lots of games on your system.

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Nintendo Switch OLED + 128GB SD card | $349.99 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch OLED + 128GB SD card | $349.99 at Walmart
Save $34.99 - Offered as a part of Walmart's Labor Day sales, this Nintendo Switch OLED bundle is one of the better offers you'll find. The system rarely gets a discount at the best of times and normally only knock a few dollars off bonus games, so receiving an actually useful accessory like this is a great opportunity.

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