New Transformers featurette explodes online

Two new featurettes arrived over the weekend- one for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, and one for JJ Abrams’ new take on Star Trek.

And there’s news on both films, to boot.

First up, Michael Bay has been revealed to have a serious pants-on-fire situation as his staunch line that Megatron won’t crop up in the film has once more been proved to be a big fat fib.

True, we all pretty much knew he was saying it with a smirk, but now co-writer Roberto Orci is the first person from the production to actually go on the record, telling a Transformers fan forum , “Megatron returns! Keep it quiet.”

Check out the new featurette – in which Bay’s only real contribution is, fittingly, the word “boom”. Below.

Also released on Saturday – when everybody’s attention was focused on a certain awards show due to air the following day – was a new featurette for Star Trek.

It’s mostly footage from the trailer (with a few extra shots) and your basic press package with the cast saying how excited they are for the movie and JJ Abrams talking it up.

There’s a new logo, too, which you can find in our gallery to the right.

Watch the footage below…

Now tell us which will be bigger – giant robots or giant spaceships?

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