New Star Wars: Squadrons footage soars into action during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live

During tonight’s Gamescom Opening Night Live, fans got an extended look at the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons. Inspired in part by PC classic X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, this new footage gives us a better look at what we can expect from Squadron’s intergalactic dog fights when it launches in October.

While this is primarily a multiplayer experience, developer EA Motive confirmed that Squadrons will also feature a full story mode, with missions showing the conflict from both the Imperial and Rebel Alliance perspectives. Tonight, however, we largely saw more of a mission from the Imperial remnant's Titan squadron. They fight to protect a Lambda-class shuttle just long enough for it to escape a siege from Rebel starships, and they jump to lightspeed as soon as their ward successfully escapes.

Other scenes showed us more of the characters we'll get to meet, including new faces who are being introduced to the story just for Squadrons and some familiar faces too: looks like you'll get to fight alongside the legendary X-wing ace Wedge Antilles. We also get a brief scene featuring Hera Syndulla, herself an ace pilot and a prominent cast member of Star Wars Rebels.

Where Star Wars Battlefront 2 featured a dogfight mode (Starfighter Assault) Squadrons looks to be a far more tactical game. Star Wars: Squadrons launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 2nd.

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