New Star Wars concept art sees Baby Yoda trying on a Mandalorian’s helmet

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian
(Image credit: Disney)

While The Mandalorian season 2 is in full swing, a new book showcasing concept art for the first instalment, titled The Art of The Mandalorian (Season 1), is coming out soon. Along with depictions of the Razor Crest and different styles for Mando’s armour, there was also some cute Baby Yoda pictures to get excited about thanks to io9.

In fact, one picture shows the Child peeking out from underneath a Mandalorian helmet – and the similarities to another famous bounty hunter are obvious. The colour scheme and design bear a huge resemblance to Boba Fett’s armour, though it should be noted the target aiming gear appears to be on the wrong side of the helmet.

While it’s unlikely that this actually belongs to Boba Fett, considering his armour didn’t appear until season 2, it’s still a good indication that Baby Yoda’s playful personality was planned from the early stages – and could suggest that the creators were considering how Boba Fett might fit into the new series from the start. It’s even possible this was an early design for Mando’s helmet, too, which just makes the whole scene even more adorable.

The bounty hunter isn’t the only character from other Star Wars instalments to pop up in The Mandalorian. Chapter 11 saw the live-action introduction of Bo-Katan Kryze, the rightful ruler of Mandalore and true owner of the Darksaber, and episode 5 is expected to include the appearance of Ahsoka Tano. Plus, there was even a very strong suggestion that we might’ve glimpsed early attempts at creating Supreme Leader Snoke in Chapter 12, using Baby Yoda’s blood for the experiments thanks to its high “M-count.”

Boba Fett himself made a cameo at the end of Chapter 9, too – and whether we’ll see him again this season or in season 3 remains a mystery for now.

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