Daisy Ridley defends Baby Yoda eating those eggs, and says Star Wars 9 was "Rey’s perfect ending"

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda
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The Child, aka Baby Yoda, caused a bit of controversy when he helped himself to some egg snacks in The Mandalorian season 2 episode 2

The eggs were Frog Lady’s last chance to continue her family line, and Mando was ferrying her to the planet Trask so she could reunite with her husband and get the eggs fertilised (no, the Child wasn't eating babies). Despite a theory floating around that Baby Yoda was actually keeping the eggs safe in case their tank broke, it turned out in Chapter 11 he really was just hungry.

Now, Rey herself has weighed in on the debate. Daisy Ridley, who played the scavenger Jedi in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, said to IGN: “Look, Mando’s gotta eat, [Baby] Yoda's got to get strong. That's just that.”

Ridley added: “No, I'm like, “Yoda, do your thing.” The creature [Frog Lady] got to be where she needed to be with the eggs. It's all good. It was beautiful.”

As for if we’ll see Rey again following the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in her own Disney Plus spinoff, Ridley’s not really open to the possibility. “I think for me the beauty of Episode 9 is it ends with such hope and such potential. I just feel like that was Rey's perfect ending. The big battle was in Episodes 7, 8, and 9.” She added, "I think really [Rey’s] probably running around the forest somewhere having a great time.”

Episode 9 saw Rey defeat Emperor Palpatine (hopefully for good this time), declare herself a Skywalker and lay Luke and Leia’s lightsabers to rest on Tatooine, before watching the binary sunset.

Ridley further explained her reasoning for leaving the rest of Rey’s journey untold: “I feel totally, totally satisfied with how that story finished. I just don't know what else she could do that I didn't have to do. Also, there are so many amazing characters in Star Wars, that it's sort of an amazing thing. I was watching the new episode of Mandalorian, and it's just like the places it can go beyond even where it is now is so exciting.”

It’s good to hear Baby Yoda has some support from other corners of the Star Wars galaxy – and we did sort of get a tease at what Rey might be up to now in the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.

To make sure you don’t miss what Baby Yoda does (or eats) next, check out our The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule.  

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