New Mandalorian theory suggests Baby Yoda has a good reason for eating all those eggs

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda
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Spiders aside, The Mandalorian season 2 has been pretty chill. Which just makes Baby Yoda eating all those eggs in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2 stand out even more. What gives? Is The Child really a heartless murderer or just prone to a sneaky midnight snack? According to a new Mando theory, he’s been chowing down on the Frog Lady’s spawn for one good (and helpful) reason.

It was really hard to ignore Baby Yoda wolfing down those eggs from the passenger on multiple occasions during Chapter 10, despite being told off by Mando. Several similar theories are floating around as to why – including one courtesy of Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta: Baby Yoda is secretly protecting the eggs and he’ll eventually cough them back up.

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Hey, it’s a good a reason as any. Besides, we don’t really want to think about all those poor mini frogs being chewed up by The Child.

Sure, Baby Yoda’s hunger pangs also led him to a spider’s nest – and an adorable packed lunch made by Mando himself – but it feels like the eggs may actually have a future, especially seeing as we don’t know the endgame for the Frog Lady just yet.

A potential Baby Yoda story arc that sees him looking after some tiny offspring of his own wasn’t the only thing the most recent episode was hiding. Those scary spiders also had ties to The Empire Strikes Back, while Star Wars: The Clone Wars showrunner (and Mandalorian collaborator) Dave Filoni also returned for an unexpected cameo – but we’re still just really, really concerned about those eggs.

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