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New Prometheus trailer arrives: watch now

Prometheus has launched a new international trailer, revealing even more of Ridley Scott's sci-fi secrets with our clearest look at the movie's alien creatures to date.

If you were watching last night's episode of Homeland on Channel 4, you'll already have seen the world's first airing of the new trailer. You'll also be extremely excited, as Prometheus looks more gorgeously terrifying than ever.

That said, it does show quite a bit of potentially spoilery footage, so if you want to watch the film with as many surprises intact as possible, you should probably give it a wide berth.

For everyone else, however, feast your eyes upon this…


Just in case anyone was in any doubt then, this one looks as though it's going to be bloody terrifying. "If you're going down there, you're going to die," says Charlize Theron's character ominously. We're inclined to agree with her…

Prometheus opens in the UK on 1 June 2012. Lord only knows what that slippery little white thing is, but it doesn't look good for whoever's suit it slithers into...

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