New poster for Lockout

When the new trailer for Lockout landed not so long ago , we were sold on the fact that it wore its B-movie credentials like a badge of honour, serving up a feast of OTT action against one of the hammiest voiceovers in recent memory.

Happily, the film’s new poster appears to be adopting the same approach, taking its cues from the bargain-basement school of artwork in its ultra-macho aesthetic.

“GUY PEARCE” it screams in shiny, metallic lettering. “TAKE NO PRISONERS” booms the tag-line (because it’s set in a prison, see?). Make no mistake, this is a big, dumb film that’s proud of its big, dumb roots.

Meanwhile, Maggie Grace looks to have captured that magic action-movie combo of beauty and anxiety, while Pearce simply looks like he’s itching to shoot someone. Chances are the opportunity will present itself sooner rather than later.

Directed by James Mather, the film will see Pearce’s maverick ex-government agent dispatched to an outer space prison in order to rescue the President’s daughter (Grace) from the rioting inmates. Admit it… you’re sold, aren’t you?

Lockout opens in the UK on 20 April 2012. Embarrassingly, we can hardly wait!

George Wales

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