New Destiny 2 glitch lets you use twice the Artifact mods

Another Destiny 2 expansion, another Destiny 2 cheese. As YouTuber Ehroar explained in a recent video, players have found a remarkably easy way to equip two of the same seasonal Artifact mod at the same time, bypassing the Armor 2.0 mod restrictions and doubling down on some of the strongest mods in the game. 

Here's how it works. First, equip a seasonal Artifact mod that costs five or less. Breach Refractor, Ballistic Combo, Arc Battery, and From the Depths are the primary targets here. Next, remove the armor equipped with that mod and, in its place, equip a piece of armor that doesn't have any mods at all. Now examine your unequipped piece of armor. For reasons I cannot fathom, you'll now be able to equip a second copy of the mod you originally applied. I don't know how Destiny 2 reads the rules of Armor 2.0, but this method definitely confuses it. 

This is an out-and-out glitch which will surely be removed, but for the time being, it makes for some cool builds and combinations. Double Arc Battery is disgusting on top-tree Stormcaller, bottom-tree Arcstrider, and bottom-tree Striker. And equipping two copies of Breach Refractor or Ballistic Combo while using an anti-barrier weapon lets you refund your grenade or melee almost instantly. From the Depths has more niche applications, but there's no doubt that people will use it to utterly break Shadowshot and Nova Bomb in some activities. 

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Austin Wood

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