Nancy Drew gets a sequel

There’s confidence and then there’s Jerry Weintraub confidence. So confident is he in his new version of Nancy Drew that the producer is already launching a franchise, announcing today that he’ll make a sequel to the teen ‘tec adventure, with Andrew Fleming directing again.

The movie, which stars Emma “Niece of Julia and we’ll never let her forget that” Roberts as the titular sleuth, finds her arriving in LA with her father on a business trip and stumbling across clues that help her solve a murder, arrives in June in the US and August here.
According to the producer, she’s not exactly a modern girl… "She's not a hip kid," Weintraub blabbed to Variety. "She's right out of a Norman Rockwell painting." Yeah, that’ll appeal to today’s kids.

But then, he’s also confident in his ability to spot movies that appeal to women and girls. “You get to this place when all of the tent poles have opened, but there's nothing for girls to go to. I wanted to make something that families to go to, or mothers and their daughters," Weintraub said. What no big female audience for Hostel 2?

To that end, he, Fleming and Roberts are re-teaming for Rodeo Girl, about a young woman who falls for cowboy and enters the horsing event to impress the guy. Yeah, he’s right. A strong-willed heroine and a horse? That pure cocaine for young girls.