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My, this "bubbling" trick is really something

A few weeks ago, someone namedUltimusMormon(careful with that link!) claimed he had invented “bubbling,” a strategic method of altering photos to make girls in bikinis appear totally nude. Inherent creepiness aside, we were admittedly impressed by how well it actually works,tricking your brain into thinking “hey, she’s naked!”

So naturally we thought we should attempt this with videogame characters. And of course, the first thing that came to mind was Dead or Alive.

Above: Unaltered shot from thinly veiled fap simulator

Above: Bubbling!

DOA screens bubble well because they’re girls in bikinis, which is how it apparently got started in the first place. But how well does it work with other game girls? Aren’t they all stereotypically scantily clad anyway? Shouldn’t this translate perfectly to game-girl art?

Above: Lara Croft kinda-sorta works

Above: The Force Unleashed’s Maris Brood fares about the same

Above: Uuuh, we really thought Ivy’s completely absurd Soul Calibur IV costume was a definite. Apparently all that other ornamentation gets in the way

Above: When your bikini is only 16 pixels, bubbling works like a charm

It wouldn't be fair to leave the guys out of this, and while most leading game men are covered head to toe, some fit the bill quite nicely. Surely the next page is of immense interest!