My Adventures With Superman new trailer draws on comic book influences

My Adventures With Superman trailer still
(Image credit: DC Films)

Adult Swim has premiered the first trailer for My Adventures With Superman, an upcoming American anime-style animated series about Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen moving to Metropolis as burgeoning interns at the Daily Planet, with the requisite Superman adventures fueling the show's stories.

The trailer shows Clark trying to maintain his secret identity while Jimmy and Lois do their best to track down the real truth about Superman - and getting mixed up in crazy, sci-fi style mishaps along the way in the classic DC tradition.

Here's the freshly released clip:

My Adventures With Superman looks like a departure from other Superman animation, not just in its anime-inspired visual style, but with its adult target audience and midnight airing time, which may mean that the show will focus on subject matter that younger viewers might shy away from - though we're guessing any cartoon starring Superman isn't gonna be too hardcore.

Interestingly, the final shot of the trailer shows off several comic book inspirations for the show as many recent DC Films trailers have done. In this case, the three sources of inspiration named in the trailer are John Byrne's Man of Steel, which rebooted Superman's origins following Crisis on Infinite Earths; Mark Waid and Leinil Yu's Superman: Birthright, an updated, more modern telling of Superman's origin with some unique twists; and of course Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman, which has been a major touchstone for DC Films' current take on the hero.

Along with the new trailer, Adult Swim has announced July 6 as the show's premiere date, with a planned two part episode kicking things off. 

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