MultiVersus passes 10 million players in just a few weeks

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The MultiVersus open beta launched just weeks ago, and already it's managed to attract over 10 million players. 

Last week, a look at the MultiVersus leaderboards revealed that the title had amassed an impressive 5 million players. And Warner Bros' free-to-play fighting game continues to go from strength to strength. As spotted by ResetEra user Durden, according to the tracking site, the game has a total of 10,292,969 players across all platforms at the time of writing. That's not bad for a game that's only been widely available for a couple of weeks and hasn't yet rolled out its first season of content.

Obviously, the fact that MultiVersus costs nothing to pick up and play has contributed to its superb success, but it's also a highly enjoyable brawler that offers a Smash Bros-style experience with a varied cast of MultiVersus characters from across WB's many universes. We haven't yet had any official numbers from Player First Games, but the developer is undoubtedly celebrating the game's smashing success. With new characters on the way, including Morty from the animation series Rick and Morty, as well as rumours of The Joker, Gremlins' Gizmo, Scooby-Doo, and more being added further down the line, MultiVersus has the potential to get even bigger.

Valve recently revealed the ten most-played games on Steam Deck, with MultiVersus beating the likes of Elden Ring and GTA5 to claim the number one spot. Alongside the news that Season One has been delayed, game director Tony Huynh confirmed that the brawler will be getting a "big overhaul" of its hitboxes. Additionally, a new feature could be introduced when Multiversus season 1 does finally arrive as dataminers have uncovered what appears to be a menu allowing players to link up in order to share Battle Passes.

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