Everything we know about MultiVersus Season 1

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MultiVersus Season 1 is arriving soon with new character Morty Smith, a ranked mode, and more cosmetics in a new battle pass. Unfortunately, Season 1 was recently delayed, and the new release date has not yet been revealed, which means players will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on Morty and some new cosmetics. Rick will also be joining the metaversal fray at some point in Season 1 too, giving players another mage character to try out. While details are a bit sparse at the moment, here’s everything we know about what’s coming in MultiVersus Season 1.

MultiVersus Season 1 release date

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At the time of writing, there is no confirmed release date for MultiVersus Season 1. It was originally meant to launch on August 9 but has been delayed to an unspecified date. In a tweet from the MultiVersus page detailing new content, a Season 1 announcement date is apparently “coming very soon”. Based on the vague information, we reckon that MultiVersus Season 1 will still launch at some point in August 2022 but be sure to keep an eye on the MultiVersus Twitter page and other social platforms to stay up to date.

Rick and Morty as new MultiVersus characters

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Joining the roster of MultiVersus characters in Season 1 are Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez. Morty was meant to launch with Season 1 on August 9, but since the inaugural season has been delayed, so has Morty’s release date, although hopefully it’s not far off. Nothing is known about Rick’s release date, however, although we assume it’ll be around the middle of Season 1 to liven up the game for the midseason.

Morty will be part of the Bruiser class and is an Expert level fighter, making him more of an up-close brawler that’s difficult to master. We also expect elements of his moveset to include the incredibly muscular arm he gets in the TV show. Meanwhile, Rick will be joining Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny in the Mage/Ranged class, and it’s highly likely that his dimensional portal gun will play a big roll in his fighting moves too – there’ll probably be a plumbus and a schmorploid as well.

We don’t know of any other characters that will be arriving in MultiVersus Season 1, but there are several rumored characters that will likely show up in a future season.

New MultiVersus Ranked and Classic Arcade modes


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Two new modes are making their way to MultiVersus with the launch of Season 1: Ranked and Classic Arcade. Unfortunately, those names are all we know right now. Based off other games, the Ranked mode will almost certainly feature MultiVersus 1v1 faceoffs, with players fighting through the ranks to battle other players of similar skill levels to see who’s the best.

Classic Arcade mode is much less obvious, however. Perhaps it includes AI-controlled fighters and could be like a Mortal Kombat-style Tower mode where players must battle increasingly difficult AI opponents to reach the top of the tower. Hopefully more details on these modes – particularly how Ranked works – will be revealed soon.

MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass


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Season 1 will also get a new battle pass for players to work through that will be much bigger than the pre-season one. Costing 950 Gleamium, this pass will feature 50 tiers of cosmetics and items. The Season 1 Snapshot image shows new Batman, House Stark, and Rick and Morty-themed icons, new banners, and new skins, including a Robin skin for LeBron James.

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