All MultiVersus characters, best fighters, and tier list

MultiVersus characters Black Adam
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The MultiVersus characters list has received another addition, as we now have the ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam himself, joining the roster of fighters. In combat he calls on superpowers gained from the ancient Egyptian gods, able to harness thunder and lightning attacks to shock opponents, summon an electromagnetic forcefield to block out enemy projectiles, and use his flying ability for aerial moves. Each member of the MultiVersus characters list is sorted into a specific fighting class that has its own individual style, which means it's best to experiment with the different options you have available and see how they match with your personal playstyle if you want to emerge victorious.

Now that MultiVersus Season 1 is well underway, there's a battle pass to level up and plenty of characters to try out – DC character Black Adam is the last of the currently confirmed additions to MultiVersus, but there are lots of other fun leaks regarding who could be joining the roster later. Below, we've listed everything you need to know below about MultiVersus characters, including a complete list of all the ones released so far, how to unlock them, which characters are top-tier choices, and who could be joining the fray in the future.

Best MultiVersus character tier list

MultiVersus characters

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The best characters in MultiVersus are likely going to change over time – the game is currently still in open beta, after all – but we've seen some standouts and some early winners from the current roster that we think are worth mentioning. We'll cover them below in an up-to-date tier list:

  • S Tier: Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry
  • A Tier: LeBron James, Finn, Jake, Bugs Bunny, Velma, Shaggy, Rick, Stripe
  • B Tier: Arya Stark, Steven Universe, Taz, Morty, Gizmo, Black Adam
  • C Tier: Reindog, Garnet, Velma, Wonder Woman, Iron Giant

There's a lot to cover here, and many will disagree with our rankings, as they do with any fighting game or similar. The actual difference between characters in terms of raw power isn't huge – MultiVersus has balanced them nicely – but there certainly is some inequality in strength. That being said, keep in mind that the best character in MultiVersus is always the character you're best with, and that grabbing a S-tier character you're not familiar will fail when compared to a C-tier you've mastered. 

  • Superman: This is a contentious one, but we're firmly in the pro-Superman camp. Supe's aerial control, versatile moveset, and wonderfully effective specials make him a great option, especially for beginner players, but also for experienced fighters. The side-special is a particularly good attack, allowing you to effectively teleport and launch a strong strike upon reappearing. 
  • Tom and Jerry: At the other end of the scale, this chaotic pair is incredibly hard to get to grips with, but once you do, they're a powerhouse team with few equals. The strange, unpredictable moveset works well at range and is really good at catching enemies unawares, as Jerry is a kind of living projectile that can be controlled and steered around - though not without practice. Keep in mind that these two work a lot better for team games than for MultiVersus 1v1.
  • Harley Quinn: The Bird of Prey is fast, hard-hitting, with a diverse moveset and some wildcard attacks, not to mention dropping traps behind her. She can reposition herself pretty quickly, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake that many players won't be ready for.
  • Batman: DC really owns the top tier, as Batman offers a range of clever status-inflicting abilities and powers that make him pretty powerful at any range, despite technically being classed as a short-range bruiser. The grapple hook is the real standout here, as it allows you to zip across the arena to foes or objects and plant a powerful kick when you arrive. Learn how to use all of Bat's various toys, and you'll rarely lose.

How to unlock MultiVersus characters

MultiVersus characters Shaggy

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Initially there was a specific set of MultiVersus characters on the roster who were available to use straight away, but that has now changed in favor of a 'Free Rotation' system where four fighters are opened up for everyone to use and the selection changes every two weeks or so. To permanently have a character available so you can select them for upcoming battles they need to be unlocked, which you do by meeting unlock conditions or spending Gold Coins earned by playing matches, ticking off missions, or levelling up – once you've saved up enough of this in-game currency, these purchases are made through the Collection menu by selecting the padlocked character then hitting the Unlock button at the bottom of the screen.

You can also pay for characters with Gleamium or Character Tickets, special MultiVersus currencies that are usually locked behind paywalls or the battle pass. The condition or cost of unlocking MultiVersus characters is as follows:

  • Arya Stark: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Batman: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Black Adam: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Bugs Bunny: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Finn: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Garnet: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Gizmo: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Harley Quinn: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • The Iron Giant: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Jake: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • LeBron James: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Morty: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Reindog: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Rick: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Shaggy: Complete the Intro Tutorial
  • Steven Universe: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Stripe: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Superman: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Taz: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Tom and Jerry: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Velma: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Wonder Woman: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket

Previously you could unlock Wonder Woman by completing the intro tutorial, but as of update 1.03 this has now switched to Shaggy instead. It's worth mentioning that Wonder Woman reappears in the MultiVersus knockback tutorial, which has caused issues significant enough to warrant its own guide.

All MultiVersus characters

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MultiVersus currently contains the following playable characters at time of writing, with more on the way in future updates.

  • Arya Stark - Game of Thrones
  • Batman - DC
  • Black Adam - DC
  • Bugs Bunny - Looney Tunes
  • Finn The Human - Adventure Time
  • Garnet - Steven Universe
  • Gizmo - Gremlins
  • Harley Quinn - DC
  • The Iron Giant - The Iron Giant
  • Jake The Dog - Adventure Time
  • LeBron James - Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Morty - Rick and Morty
  • Reindog - MultiVersus
  • Rick - Rick and Morty
  • Shaggy - Scooby-Doo
  • Steven Universe - Steven Universe
  • Stripe - Gremlins
  • Superman - DC
  • Taz - Looney Tunes
  • Tom and Jerry - Tom and Jerry
  • Velma - Scooby-Doo
  • Wonder Woman - DC

Most of these names you'll recognise from television, film, and comic book appearances, though Reindog is an exception as they're an entirely original creature made specifically for MultiVersus.

Leaked and upcoming MultiVersus characters

MultiVersus characters Season 1 Black Adam and Stripe

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With the arrival of Black Adam, we've exhausted the current list of confirmed and upcoming MultiVersus characters for Season 1. There will no doubt be some more characters confirmed as we make our way towards Season 2, so we'll update this list accordingly.


  • The Animaniacs - Animaniacs
  • Ben 10 - Ben 10
  • Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones
  • Duck Dodgers/Daffy Duck - Looney Tunes
  • Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones
  • Gandalf  - The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • Godzilla - Godzilla
  • Harry Potter - Harry Potter
  • The Hound - Game of Thrones
  • Johnny Bravo - Johnny Bravo
  • Joker - DC/Batman
  • Mad Max - Mad Max
  • Marvin the Martian - Looney Tunes
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Powerpuff Girls
  • Raven - DC/Teen Titans
  • Samurai Jack - Samurai Jack
  • Scooby-Doo - Scooby-Doo
  • Scorpion - Mortal Kombat
  • Ted Lasso - Ted Lasso
  • Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz

MultiVersus Character Classes

MultiVersus characters Collection

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Each of the MultiVersus characters sits within one of five moveset classes, along with one of three directional classes. The directional classes are less important, as they just provide an at-a-glance confirmation of whether their moves are better suited to Horizontal or Vertical combat, or a Hybrid of the two. However, the move set classes will affect their fighting style as follows:

Assassin class

  • Arya Stark - Hybrid (Expert)
  • Finn The Human - Horizontal
  • Harley Quinn - Vertical
  • Stripe - Hybrid

Assassins are all about dealing a high amount of damage from close range, often with weapons. By continually dealing more damage than your opponents, you can beat them into submission.

Bruiser class

  • Batman - Vertical
  • Black Adam - Hybrid (Expert)
  • Garnet - Horizontal (Recommended)
  • Jake The Dog - Hybrid
  • LeBron James - Hybrid
  • Morty - Horizontal (Expert)
  • Shaggy - Hybrid (Recommended)
  • Taz - Horizontal

Bruisers are general all-rounders, with a set of moves that are easier to understand than most. Don't underestimate them though, as they will still have some unique abilities to help them stand out.

Mage class

  • Bugs Bunny - Hybrid
  • Rick - Horizontal (Expert)
  • Tom and Jerry - Hybrid (Expert)

Mages specialise in dealing damage from a distance, often by using weapons or other tricks. This ability allows you to attack opponents from across the stage, while staying out of range of their close combat.

Support class

  • Gizmo - Hybrid
  • Reindog - Horizontal
  • Steven Universe - Horizontal (Expert)
  • Velma - Horizontal

As the name suggests, Supports have abilities to help the other player in your co-op team. This could involve shielding them (and yourself) from damage, using a tether to stop them falling off the edge, or providing healing in a backup role. Expect to be given a lot of MultiVersus Toast if you're good at this.

Tank class

  • The Iron Giant - Hybrid (Expert)
  • Superman - Hybrid
  • Wonder Woman - Horizontal (Recommended)

Tanks have a solid footing, which means they're harder to knock back and in turn more difficult to hit out of the area. They have a mix of offensive and defensive moves, meaning you can help protect your team while still dealing damage.

You should make your choice from the MultiVersus roster based on how your playstyle matches up to a particular move set, and bear in mind their directionality when approaching your attacks. In the main 2 vs 2 co-op mode it's helpful to pick two classes that complement each other, so you get the most benefit from each of their abilities. Note that Garnet, Shaggy, and Wonder Woman are Recommended MultiVersus characters to start out with as they're easier to get to grips with, while Arya Stark, Black Adam, The Iron Giant, Morty, Rick, Steven Universe, and Tom & Jerry are considered Expert picks for players once they become better skilled.

Who is MultiVersus' Reindog?

MultiVersus characters Reindog

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Unlike the other MultiVersus characters, Reindog stands out as an entirely new creation specifically made for the game. According to his bio, Reindog is a Guardian of the Zanifeer royal family, who fell victim to the Nothing when the great dimensional cataclysm was triggered. As the only survivor from Zanifeer, Reindog hopes that the gem of power he wears can help him find a way to bring back the family he was sworn to protect. Right now this information doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but we can expect more of the game's storyline to be uncovered over time to help tie things together more coherently.

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