MultiVersus knockback tutorial and influence explained

Multiversus Knockback tutorial influence glitch
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The Multiversus knockback tutorial is glitched and preventing many players from completing it. The issue is with an advanced tutorial about knockback influence, fighting as Wonder Woman, where you can't complete it and end up trapped until you quit the game altogether. There is a fix, though, for the knockback tutorial glitch which involves holding slightly different buttons down to what you're told to. It changes between PC and Console as well so we've covered them both below.  

How to beat the MultiVersus knockback tutorial

Multiversus Knockback tutorial influence glitch

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)
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The glitch prevents you from completing the MultiVersus knockback tutorial. The particular point in the tutorial that suffers is when you're made to play as Wonder Woman and given the following instructions:

"Hold down and left to rotate your knockback and avoid getting rung out (0/2)."

As this happens, another Wonder Woman will bash you up into the air, and you're supposed to control the knockback influence to avoid getting sent up and out of the screen, as influence allows players to control their trajectory to some degree when knocked back. However, it doesn't work at time of writing, so players are sent flying out of the arena even if they enter the right input. That's… annoying.

Luckily, there are fixes, of sorts, that have been circulating online since MultiVersus released, and should work until the issue is resolved in a presumed future update. 

Check below to match the fix to your platform:

  • PlayStation and Xbox consoles: For us, the key was to hold down and left - as instructed - but then to hold down the PlayStation/Xbox button while doing so, so you go to the main console menu. Don't close the game or anything, just check the dashboard. When you enter MultiVersus again a moment later, it (should) have resolved and allowed you to continue. Do this twice and you should pass.
  • PC: Use your keyboard and hold the down button… er, down. Then double-tap left after getting hit, while still holding down. The timing is a little finicky, but it should work if you input it right. Try it a few times and you should have success.

Enter it right on either console and that'll be the last section of the advanced Knockback Influence tutorial, meaning you can put the whole thing behind you and get to the fun stuff, like unlocking more MultiVersus characters

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