MultiVersus hitboxes are getting a "big overhaul"

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MultiVersus will get a "big overhaul" of its hitboxes, its game director has confirmed.

Responding to a fan query yesterday on August 4, MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh commented on hitboxes for the fighting game. As you can see from the response below, developer Warner Bros. has big things planned for overhauling the hitbox system in MultiVersus.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, hitboxes in fighting games are how the game determines the range of an attack, and whether an enemy character will get caught in said attack. Every individual attack in a fighting game will have a predetermined hitbox, dictating where the attack will land, and if an enemy character happens to be in said hitboxes, they'll be struck.

As you might be able to imagine, hitboxes are an incredibly tricky thing to balance in fighting games. If a character's hitbox is too small, the game will feel unfair, as it'll be harder for other players to catch them out with attacks. Developers walk an incredibly fine line of balancing the hitboxes of individual attacks and characters to get everything feeling fair for players.

Additionally, Huynh also reveals that Finn the Human will see some changes, although he doesn't elaborate on what these changes are in particular. MultiVersus' expansive roster has already seen a fair few changes since launch last month in July, including the likes of Taz's Tornado attack seeing a much-needed nerf, so further work on other characters isn't exactly a surprise.

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