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Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs and how to use jewel lillies

Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs
(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs are the first brand new mechanic to be introduced to the series for a good while, and add a whole new dimension to traversing the various environments and engaging in combat. There's a lot more verticality to the biomes in Monster Hunter Rise and a lot of that is thanks to the Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs enabling hunters to climb steep ledges and swing through the air from one ledge to the next. If you're wondering exactly how Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs work, along with how to use Great Wirebugs and Jewel Lillies, then let us help.

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Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs explained

Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs

(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs are essentially a grappling hook that you don't need to attach to a solid surface. As you're running along, you can aim your cursor and activate Monster Hunter wirebugs to launch yourself into the air, then chain that together with another wirebug to ascend to greater heights or cover bigger gaps.

The amount of Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs you can activate at once is pictured at the bottom of the screen, by the blue insect icons. You start with two by default and you can increase that to three by interacting with one of the plentiful wirebugs floating around the different biomes. The third one is time limited though – eventually it'll run out and you'll need to find another.

Using Monster Hunter wirebugs is as simple as aiming with the right-stick, holding ZL, then pressing ZR to zip towards where you're aiming. When in mid-air, you can press ZR again to go further, or pressing A will allow you to hang for a few seconds in mid-air. Your Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs don't charge when you're hanging though, so you can't cheese it to soar up to the sky unfortunately. If you press B while in mid-air from a wirebug, you'll perform a roll/dodge in the air.

ZL+X while on the ground will allow you to jump into the sky without having to aim first, while the same button combo in mid-air will shoot your forward in the same direction your hunter is facing. If you're in combat and a monster knocks you back, you can press ZL+B to use wirefall, which allows you to recover quickly using wirebugs.

Monster Hunter Rise silkbind moves

Monster Hunter Rise silkbind monster hunter rise wirebugs

(Image credit: Capcom)

Silkbind moves in Monster Hunter Rise are extra attacks added to the locker of whatever weapon you're using. The important thing to note is that they consume either one or two points of your Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs gauge, so you need to make sure you have enough wirebugs and stamina to execute them.

For example, with the Dual Blades, pressing ZL+X with your weapon unsheathed will perform Piercing Bind, which throws an explosive kunai at your foe. Land hits with the kunai embedded to increase the amount of damage the resulting explosion will cause. Alternatively, ZL+A is for Shrouded Vault, which launches you forward at your enemy and if you get hit while in mid-air, you'll perform a counter attack. Each weapon is able to use Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs and access silkbind attacks, so it's worth learning exactly what your weapon of choice can do. Note that ranged weapons require R to be held instead of ZL.

Monster Hunter Rise jewel lillies and great wirebugs

Monster Hunter Rise great wirebug monster hunter rise wirebugs

(Image credit: Capcom)

When you first explore the Shrine Ruins, chances are you'll run into one of the many jewel lilies scattered across the biome. Approaching them will prompt you to use a great wirebug which you can place at a jewel lilly and use it propel you considerably further than your standard wirebug can. By placing a great wirebug in a jewel lily you'll be able to jump to hard-to-reach places, either as a short cut or often to reach rarer materials. It means placing and using all the great wirebugs is worth it if you want to find everything possible.

There are a finite number of great wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise and that's because the only way to obtain them is by speaking to Senior Hunter Hanenaga in Kamura, to the right-hand side of Hamon the Blacksmith and Mihaba the Apprentice, before you cross the wooden bridge. Do that as soon as you can (he'll have a "Soar with a Great Wirebug!" speech bubble above his head when it's time, but you need to get close enough to him for it to pop up) and he'll explain exactly what great wirebugs do, give you your first set and reward you with more as you progress through the story. 

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