11 Monster Hunter Rise tips to know before you hunt

Monster Hunter Rise tips
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Some Monster Hunter Rise tips are basically essential on a game this deep, and with new systems to master. From tracking monsters, to find resources and more there's a lot to work out and we can help speed all that up. 

If you want to know more about the all new Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs we've got a whole break out on things there. Below we're going to take a broadlook at everything else in the game to help you get up to speed fast. There's a steep hill to climb when getting into any Monster Hunter game and saving Kamura will require learning a lot of new skills. These Monster Hunter Rise tips will help with all of that.

1. Speak to everyone because they often have side quests

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Talk to everyone

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Always have a good look around Kamura before you head out on a mission, There are often locals and NPCs that have requests and side quests for you to do. It's especially important right at the start, because people won't have anything for you to do until you've introduced yourself. Make sure you check every corner too, because there are some sneaky hidden paths to find, inside buildings you wouldn't otherwise go in and such. The more people you meet, the more you might get from a mission

2. Always max out optional subquests before starting a mission

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Fill optional subquests

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Always fill out your Optional Subquests before you set out by speaking to Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the central hub area. They're always simple tasks, like gathering insects and slaying small monsters, which are easy to tick off while out, but the Armor Spheres they often reward you with are useful to improve your gear. Not to mention you'll often earn Kamura Points currency. They can also award various different items like Twisted Remains, exciteshroom and so on. They're basically essential as you'll be wasting potential rewards without them.  

3. Use the training area and early missions to test weapons and find what you like

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use the training area

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There are loads of options to pick from the list of Monster Hunter Rise best weapons and even more Monster Hunter Rise combos to master. What works for you depends on your approach and favorite styles of play. The training area will at least let you try them all before you commit to anything - it'll give you a list of moves and combos on screen so you know what you can do, and get a feel for the weight and timings of everything. That should help you narrow down some options but it's always best to try stuff in the field before you commit, as things can feel very different with a couple of tons of angry monster bearing down on you.

4. Don't worry too much about picking a fave weapon early because you'll unlock stuff for hours

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Stuff unlocks for ages

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Certain moveset, abilities and features continue to open up for AGES in Rise. You'll still be unlocking things through to level 4 missions. At the same time some potential upgrades are locked out until you reach specific monsters or a crucial point in the story. 'The story' is just building you up for end game runs so don't worry too much about nailing down your build when the game is still giving you thing right up to the end. 

5. Use the Move Around Village shortcut to find missions faster

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Move around village is a useful shortcut

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When you're in the village, the Shortcut 1 menu has a 'Move Around Village' option that brings up a map of all the different areas in town. It's handy to fast travel anywhere but it also highlights any available missions you can pick up by talking to people - if you see a speech bubble next to a location it means someone wants to talk to you. 

6. Use Expedition Quests or avoid killing the main target to have more time to explore

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use expedition quests to explore

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A hunt will automatically end as soon as you kill the target. So if you have optional quests, or resources you need, do those before finishing. Or, if you want to keep things completely open ended, pick an Expedition Quest. That lets you access an area with no timer and you can still hunt all the usual monsters you've previously encountered. It's the best way to grind for the parts you need for crafting. 

7. Toggle Focus Camera instead of Target Camera to follow monsters you're hunting

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Change camera type to Focus Camera to lock on

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If you're having trouble tracking monsters in a hectic battle then go into the settings and change the camera style to Focus Camera, instead of Target Camera. This will make the camera automatically lock on to a foe. Our Monster Hunter Rise lock on guide explains more there but whether you're struggling with the wirebug mobility or just just struggling to track fast targets, it's a great help. 

8. Use L to orient your camera on the monster you're fighting if you're using Target Camera

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use L to target the monster you're fighting

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If you're using Target Camera settings you can reorient your view by pressing pressing L. This will immediately spin your camera to focus on the monster you're fighting, wherever it's gone. It only works on the big monsters though, not small ones. If you press L when you're not in a large monster fight it will just swing your camera round to face the direction your looking.

9. If you're carrying something don't fall too far or it'll break

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Don't drop anything you're carrying to camp

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There are some special resources you can find that have to be carried back to camp, usually from the areas furthest away. Things like a Rhenoplos Egg or a Bismuth Chunk have to be manually lifted and held all the way back to your main camp - you can't ride your Palamute or sprint, and a sub-camp doesn't count. You need to be careful as if you fall from a height whatever you're carrying will smash. You can even things out though by using an almost-horizontal wirebug dash when you're about to hit the ground from a height.

10. Eat at the canteen before quests for buffs

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Eat at the canteen for passive buffs

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Using the canteen in the main village or inside the hub will let you order Dango - a food that has a chance to give you passive buffs. It's cheap and is worth doing every time you go on a hunt because you can get very useful buffs ranging from increasing kunai damage, preventing you from being knocked down, increasing specific elemental resistance, and plenty more.

11. Listen out for voice line to know when attacks are coming, or when a monster can be trapped

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Listen for character voice quips

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In all the chaos it can be easy to miss an animation or tell that let you know if a monster is about to attack, or weakened. So make sure you listen out for your character's shouts. They'll often yell things like "here comes a big one!" when the large monster you're fighting is about to attack, which is your cue to dodge or wirebug away. 

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