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Monster Hunter Rise
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Getting more Monster Hunter Rise Zenny means you can craft better gear, buy supplies and so on. It's money: it makes things easier/better. So being able to farm Zenny can really help, especially if you want to avoid selling monster parts which have far more important uses.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to make several hundred thousand Zenny in about 10 minutes, and all you need is a pickaxe. You just need to look for a mining outcrop upsurge on a high-level expedition tour. If you can, look out for one in the Lava Caverns map as that is loaded with rare and lucrative mining nodes. These mining upsurges only lasts 10 minutes but give way more ore when you mine, which amplifies the profits considerably. 

Get it right and you can make a lot of money, really quickly. Just wait for the right upsurge and stack the bonus with the Geologist skill to get even more ore. You can acquire that through the Leather S armor set. Choose the right mission and set it up well and you can get boatloads of valuable ore very quickly to resell.

To find what you need you can look for the current upsurge in the quest details for the expedition. This is what we're looking for:

Monster Hunter Rise

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If you don't have the correct upsurge, cycle it by completing a quick easy quest to reroll what's listed. Something like Roly-Poly Lanterns, which can be cleared in less than a minute. Each time you clear this short quest, stop by the gathering hub to check the available upsurges on expeditions.

If you're familiar with the mining routes in another map, you can visit somewhere besides the Lava Caverns if a mining upsurge appears there, but the Lava Caverns will generally yield the most money since it has the highest-grade ore. The Lava Caverns region also has the added benefit of clustering lots of ore along a fairly straightforward route. You can see the mining nodes on the map in these images:

From the main camp of the Lava Caverns, mine along the magma plateau in area 5, snag the node on the ground to the northeast, then head underground through the tunnel in area 12. You'll land at the base of area 10, which has one mining node on the west wall. Next, head north to area 11, snagging the ore along the walls as you go. Scale the vine wall in the back of 11 and duck into the small hole on the north wall. This leads to a secret volcanic cavern absolutely filled with ore; just use wirebugs and wall run up top. 

Once you've gathered everything inside the volcano, fast travel to sub-camp 2 on the west side of the map and head for the ore to the northwest. You'll have to drop down to reach it, and this lower path can also be followed east for more easy mining. That's the gist of the route, just be sure to ride your Palamute whenever possible to maximise speed and make the most of the 10-minute upsurge window. 

Ore naturally respawn after four minutes, so if we're fast enough, we can run this entire route twice before the upsurge ends. And after just 10 minutes of mining, we'll end up with several hundred thousand Zenny worth of ore – more than enough to fund even the most ambitious armor sets. If you find yourself in need of more money in the future, just queue up another upsurge and jump back in. 

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