Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt location

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt MH
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The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt is an incredibly valuable resource material used for crafting various high end armor sets for the late game of MH Rise's giant DLC. However, it's not actually found on any of the monsters in Sunbreak - instead, you'll have to hunt a deer-like animal in the Shrine Ruins and see if the odds are on your side for harvesting the Prized Pelt from it once you do. We'll explain what those animals are and the fastest way to farm Prized Pelt in MH Rise Sunbreak below.

How to get the Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

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To get the Prized Pelt in MH Rise, players can kill either of the following small creatures, both of which have a chance to drop them:

- Kelbi (30% carve chance)

- Anteka (18% carve chance)

The reason why you've likely been struggling to find this stuff is you've probably, and understandably, been filtering through all the proper monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster list, checking their documentation to see which can drop this material. However, none of them will, it's purely the purview of these deer and moose knock-offs respectively, so you'll hardly need the Monster Hunter Rise best weapons to take them out. These encounters also need to be on a Master Rank/MR quest, as anything less stops them from dropping the material altogether. If you attack them on High Rank or Low Rank, they'll never drop the Pelt. 

Once you've found either a Kelbi or Anteka, kill it and make sure to carve it with the A button for a chance to get the Prized Pelt. If you simply slay it, it won't drop the Pelt as a loose material like some creatures do. Even then the chances aren't great, so you might have to kill a fair few - but you can make the process as efficient as possible using the process laid out below.

Farming Prized Pelts

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt MH

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To farm Prized Pelts in MH Rise Sunbreak as quickly as possible, players should set up the following system:

  1. Equip a fast-hitting or ranged weapon
  2. Head to the Shrine Ruins in a Master Rank (MR) Expedition 
  3. Go to the Northern areas 11, 12 and 13 (the last one is especially good)
  4. Look for Kelbi (horned deer with faded blue fur)
  5. Slay them quickly, as they'll scatter and flee when approached
  6. Carve the bodies for a 30% chance at the Prized Pelt
  7. Head to the other regions and cycle through them to see if the Kelbi have respawned - if so, repeat this process.

There's no way to increase drop rates, unfortunately, but considering Kelbi die quickly when attacked, once you've got a handle on killing them before they bolt, you can work through this process fairly efficiently - and at time of writing there's no faster way of obtaining Prized Pelts that we know of.

Prized Pelt uses

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt MH

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MH Rise Zenny Farming

A dragon attacks in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Get rich quick with the Monster Hunter Rise Zenny farm method here!

Prized Pelts are used for crafting certain late game armor pieces from Sunbreak, though by no means all of them. Still, it's an essential component in certain powerful pieces of gear, such as the Khezu Coil X, and it's worth having a few Prized Pelts in reserve just in case you ever want to build specialist equipment of this sort.

And just to be clear - the Prized Pelts are distinct, different objects from the Monster Hunter Rise pelts, which we've laid out how to get at the attached guide. Despite the similarity, they're used to create different things and definitely aren't interchangeable. 

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