Modern Warfare 3 is giving out double weapon and battle pass XP this week, and you don't have to buy any gamer-brand garbage to enjoy it

Modern Warfare 3
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will double weapon, player, and battle pass XP for all users from Wednesday, November 22 through Monday, November 27. Better still, this XP boost doesn't require the series' usual brand of gamer snack promo code, sparing gamer stomachs everywhere. 

The official Call of Duty Twitter (X) account shared the news earlier today, celebrating that "the grind just got faster." The bonus XP event will start at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BT, seemingly for all Modern Warfare 3 modes. No Doritos, no Mountain Dew, no Monster Energy – just good old-fashioned XP.

I can think of at least one Call of Duty player who could've used this boost before this week. Absolute madlad Reidboyy spent 195 hours, across multiple 48-hour Twitch livestreams, grinding out the coveted Borealis and Interstellar camos by completing essentially all new weapon challenges. If only he'd had double XP while doing it. 

This period of bonus XP will hopefully tide Modern Warfare 3 players over until some much-needed fixes arrive. Even with three maps taken offline, Modern Warfare 3's spawn points are still a mess, and arguably a low point for the series' long history. Equally annoyingly, the infamous 'Evil Groot' skin from Warzone 2 has come to Modern Warfare 3 and is still totally overpowered because it's nearly impossible to see. 

Those are topical issues, but Modern Warfare 3's problems run deeper, and no amount of bonus XP is gonna fix 'em. As our resident Call of Duty enthusiast said in his Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review: "Decade old maps, messy progression, and misaligned changes to mobility and gunplay leaves MW3 lost trying to find an identity to call its own." 

Work-in-progress player outlines could help Call of Duty players finally see Evil Groot, and everyone else.  

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