Missed the Pokemon Centre London this year? A new one is opening in 2020

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

The London pop-up Pokemon centre may have shut its doors on November 15, but news of a second store arriving next year has been announced on Twitter as part of plans for the 2020 Pokemon World Championships.

While details of the new centre's location and opening dates are yet to be revealed, this will come as cause for celebration for many, as over 30,000 visitors attended the Pokémon Center London pop up store at Westfield London during its four-week opening, becoming so popular that hour-long queues began to become an expected part of the experience.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Dreepy

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Some fans even started a petition to make the pop-up store a permanent part of Westfield London, and while The Pokemon Company isn't fulfilling that pipe dream just yet, the announcement of this second centre for 2020 is an acknowledgement of the fact that not everyone got the chance to attend the first time round. 

The Pokemon World Championships are described as "the premier tournament for Pokémon video games and the Pokemon Trading Card Game", and will be held in London for the first time in 2020. Meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield is selling like hot cakes across the globe, while details of the Pokemon Go community day for the December have already been announced. 

In short, the Pokemania continues. 

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