Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex – every Pokemon location in the new games

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex is massive. While it may not contain every single Pokemon that's been introduced to the series since 1996, it does 400 pocket monsters to catch, train, and send into battle. Honestly, if you treat this like a Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex checklist you'll find that you have plenty to keep yourself busy. 

You'll need to explore all corners of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region if you want to catch 'em all. That's why we have put together this handy Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex to not only give you insight into the party members you should expect to find on your adventure but the locations as to where you can find them too. Remember, weather conditions can impact spawn chances, so you'll want to keep that in mind before you start wandering the Wild Areas. Anyway, keep scrolling for the full Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex – happy hunting. 

Note: Overworld refers to Pokemon that you can see before encountering them, while Non-Overworld is just for Pokemon that appear as exclamation marks in the tall grass.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex: 1-99

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

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Header Cell - Column 0 PokemonOverworldNon-Overworld
10BlipbugRoute 2, Giant's Cap, Slumbering WealdRoute 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
11DottlerGiant's CapRoute 5, Stony Wilderness, Giant's Mirror, Giant's Cap
12OrbeetleSlumbering WealdLake of Outrage, Slumbering Weald
13Caterpie-Route 1
14MetapodRolling FieldsRolling Fields
15ButterfreeGiant's Mirror, Rolling Fields, East Lake AxwellSlumbering Weald
16GrubbinEast Lake Axwell, Slumbering WealdRoute 1, Dappled Grove, Slumbering Weald
17Charjabug-Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills
18Vikavolt-Route 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
19HoothootDappled Grove, Giant's CapRoute 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
20NoctowlMotostoke Outskirts, Giant's CapMotostoke Riverbank
21RookideeRoute 1, Route 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Slumbering WealdRoute 2, Route 3, Slumbering Weald
22CorvisquireGiant's Mirror, Hammerlocke HillsMotostoke Riverbank
23CorviknightSlumbering WealdRoute 7, Lake of Outrage
24SkwovetRoute 1, Route 2, Slumbering WealdRoute 1, Rolling Fields, berry trees
25Greedent-Axew's Eye, Route 6, berry trees
26PidoveRolling Fields, East Lake AxwellWatchtower Ruins
27TranquillGiant's MirrorGiant's Seat
28UnfezantHammerlocke Hills, Bridge Field, Stony WildernessAxew's Eye
29NickitRoute 1, Route 2, Stony Wilderness, Dusty Bowl-
30ThievulRoute 7Bridge Field
31ZigzagoonRoute 2, Route 3, Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness-
32LinooneGiant's Cap-
33Obstagoon-Lake of Outrage
34WoolooRoute 1, Motostoke RiverbankRoute 4
35Dubwool-Motostoke Riverbank
36Lotad (Shield)West Lake AxwellRoute 2, Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove
37Lombre (Shield)Dappled GroveGiant's Seat, Route 5, Giant's Cap
38Ludicolo (Shield)--
39Seedot (Sword)West Lake AxwellRoute 2, Dappled Grove
40Nuzleaf (Sword)Dappled Grove, South Lake MilochRolling Fields, Giant's Seat
41Shiftry (Sword)--
42ChewtleStony Wilderness, Giant's CapMotostoke, Lake of Outrage, Hulbury
43DrednawGiant's CapBridge Field, Giant's Mirror
44PurrloinDappled Grove, West Lake Axwell, Motostoke RiverbankRoute 2, Watchtower Ruins
45LiepardGiant's CapAxew's Eye, Route 9
46YamperRoute 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Dusty Bowl, Stony Wilderness-
47Boltund-Motostoke Riverbank, Lake of Outrage
48BunnelbyRolling Fields, Dappled Grove, West Lake Axwell, Giant's CapRolling Fields, Dappled Grove
49DiggersbyGiant's CapAxew's Eye, Giant's Seat
50MinccinoGiant's CapRolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
52BounsweetStony WildernessRolling Fields, Watchtower Ruins
53Steenee-Axew's Eye
55OddishDappled Grove, East Lake AxwellRolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
56GloomGiant's Cap, Hammerlocke HillsAxew's Eye
59BudewWest Lake AxwellRolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
60Roselia-Axew's Eye, South Lake Miloch
62WingullRolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, East Lake AxwellRolling Fields, West Lake Axwell
63PelipperRoute 9Axew's Eye, Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
64JoltikSouth Lake Miloch, Giant's MirrorRolling Fields, Giant's Seat
65GalvantulaRoute 7, Lake of Outrage-
66ElectrikeRolling Fields, Giant's SeatRolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
67ManetricHammerlocke HillsAxew's Eye, Giant's Seat
68VulpixRoute 1, South Lake Miloch, Route 3Route 2, East Lake Axwell
69NinetalesLake of Outrage-
70GrowlitheDusty BowlHammerlocke Hills
72VanilliteRoute 2, West Lake AxwellRolling Fields, West Lake Axwell
73VanillishRoute 8, Dusty BowlAxew's Eye, Route 10
74VanilluxeRoute 10, Lake of Outrage-
75SwinubDusty BowlRolling Fields, Hammerlocke Hills
76Piloswine-Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
78DelibirdRoute 1, Watchtower RuinsRoute 2, Giant's Seat
79SnoruntEast Lake Axwell, Giant's SeatRolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
80GlalieRoute 9, Lake of Outrage-
82BaltoyEast Lake Axwell, Stony WildernessRolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
83ClaydolAxew's EyeLake of Outrage
84MudbrayEast Lake Axwell, South Lake MilochRolling Fields, North Lake Miloch
85MudsdaleAxew's EyeGiant's Seat
86DwebbleWest Lake Axwell, North Lake Miloch, Stony WildernessRolling Fields, Giant's Seat
87CrustleAxew's EyeAxew's Eye
88GolettWatch Tower Ruins, Route 8, Stony WildernessWatchtower Ruins, Giant's Cap
89GolurkLake of Outrage-
90MunnaEast Lake Axwell, Stony Wilderness, Slumbering WealdRolling Fields, Giant's Cap
92NatuGiant's Seat, Giant's MirrorRolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
93Xatu-Giant's Seat
94StuffulEast Lake Axwell, Bridge FieldDappled Grove, North Lake Miloch
95BewearAxew's EyeGiant's Seat
96SnoverAxew's Eye, Route 10Dappled Grove, Giant's Cap
97AbomsanowLake of OutrageDusty Bowl, Route 10
98KrabbyWest Lake Axwell, South Lake MilochWest Lake Axwell
99KinglerAxew's EyeRoute 9

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex: 100-199

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

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Header Cell - Column 0 PokemonOverworldNon-Overworld
100WooperWest Lake Axwell, Stony Wilderness, Giant's CapWest Lake Axwell
101QuagsireGiant's CapGiant's Seat
102CorphishSouth Lake MilochSouth Lake Miloch
103CrawdauntAxew's EyeAxew's Eye
104Nincada-West Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
105NinjaskStony Wilderness, Stony Wilderness-
107TyrogueRolling Fields, Rolling Fields, South Lake MilochWest Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
108HitmonleeDusty Bowl-
109HitmonchanDusty Bowl-
110HitmontopLake of Outrage-
111PanchamEast Lake Axwell, Rolling FieldsWest Lake Axwell
112Pangoro-Lake of Outrage
113KlinkWest Lake Axwell, North & South Lake MillochHammerlocke Hills
114Klang-Route 10, Dusty Bowl
115KlinklangLake of Outrage-
116CombeeRolling Fields-
118BronzorAxew's Eye, Giant's SeatGiant's Seat
119BronzongAxew's EyeDusty Bowl
120RaltsRolling Fields, Dappled GroveDappled Grove, South Lake Miloch
122Gardevoir-Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
124DrifloonWatchtower Ruins, South Lake MilochWatchtower Ruins
125DrifblimAxew's Eye-
126GossifleurRoute 3, Motostoke RiverbankRoute 2
127Eldegoss-Dusty Bowl
128Cherubi-Rolling Fields, Watchtower Ruins
130StunkyNorth Lake Miloch, South Lake MilochDappled Frove, North Lake Miloch
131Skuntank-Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
132TympoleDappled Grove, West Lake AxwellDappled Grove, South Lake Miloch
133PalpitoadGiant's Seat, Dusty BowlBridge Field
134SeismitoiadAxew's EyeRoute 7
135DuskullWatchtower Ruins, Giant's SeatWatchtower Ruins
136Dusclops-Route 8
138MachopSouth Lake Miloch, Stony WildernessWatchtower Ruins, South Lake Miloch
139MachokeAxew's Eye, Hammerlocke HillsGiant's Seat, Hammerlocke Hills
141GastlyWatchtower Ruins, Giant's SeatWatchtower Ruins, North Lake Miloch
142Haunter-Giant's Seat, Route 8
144MagikarpSouth Lake Miloch, West Lake AxwellRoute 2, Route 5, North Lake Miloch
145GyaradosRoute 2Dusty Bowl, Giant's Cap
146GoldeenWest Lake Axwell, East Lake AxwellWest Lake Axwell, East Lake Axwell
148RemoraidWest Lake AxwellWest Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
149OctilleryRoute 9Axew's Eye, Route 9
150ShellderWest Lake Axwell, East Lake AxwellEast Lake Axwell, Giant's Seat
151Cloyster-Giant's Seat
152Feebas-Route 2
154Basculin (Blue Stripe - Sword, Red Stripe - Shield)Motostoke RiverbankGiant's Seat, Motostoke Riverbank, Hulbury
155Wishiwashi-West Lake Axwell, East Lake Axwell, Hulbury
156PyukumukuSouth Lake Miloch, Route 9South Lake Miloch, Giant's Seat, Route 9
157TrubbishRoute 3-
158GarbodorLake of Outrage-
159Sizzlipede-Route 3
161RolycolyGalar Mine, Route 3, Giant's CapGalar Mine
162CarkolGiant's CapBridge Field, Route 10
163Coalossal-Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
164DiglettRolling FieldsGalar Mine, Giant's Mirror
165DugtrioGiant's MirrorDusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills
166DrilburGalar Mine, Dusty BowlGalar Mine, Stony Wilderness
167ExcadrillLake of Outrage, Giant's Mirror-
168RoggenrolaRolling Fields, Stony WildernessGalar Mine, Motostoke Outskirts
169BoldoreLake of Outrage, Giant's MirrorStony Wilderness
171TimburrGalar MineGalar Mine
172GurdurrRoute 8Stony Wilderness
174WoobatGiant's Mirror, Watchtower RuinsGalar Mine
176NoibatGalar Mine 2, Watchtower RuinsBridge Field, Galar Mine 2
177NoivernLake of Outrage-
178Onix-East Lake Axwell, Giant's Seat, Motostoke Riverbank
180ArrokudaMotostoke RiverbankRoute 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Town of Hulbury
181BarraskewdaLake of Outrage, Route 2Motostoke Riverbank, Dusty Bowl
182MeowthRoute 4Route 4
183PerrserkerRoute 7Route 9, Lake of Outrage
185Milcery-Route 4, Bridge Field, Giant's Mirror
187CutieflyGalar Mine 2, Bridge FieldRoute 4
188Ribombee-Stony Wilderness
189FerroseedStony WildernessMotostoke Riverbank, Route 4
190Ferrothorn-Dusty Bowl
191PumpkabooRoute 4, Giant's Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills-
194PikachuRoute 4, Stony WildernessStony Wilderness
196EeveeRoute 4-
197VaporeonLake of Outrage-

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex: 200-299

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

(Image credit: Nintendo)
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Header Cell - Column 0 PokemonOverworldNon-Overworld
205Applin-Route 5, Stony Wilderness, Dusty Bowl, Giant's Mirror
206Frapple (Sword)--
207Appletun (Shield)--
208Espurr-Motostoke Riverbank, Hammerlocke Hills
209Meowstic-Route 7, Dusty Bowl
210Swirlix (Sword)Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Giant's MirrorRoute 5, Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness
211Slurpuff (Sword)--
212Spritzee (Shield)Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Giant's MirrorRoute 5, Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness
213Aromatisse (Shield)--
214DewpiderStony WildernessRoute 5
215AraquanidLake of Outrage-
217WobbufffetRoute 5, Hammerlocke HillsBridge Field
218Farfetch'd (Sword)Route 5, Giant's Hill-
219Sirfetch'd (Sword)--
220ChinchouWest Lake Axwell, East Lake AxwellHulbury, Giant's Mirror
221Lanturn-Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
222Croagunk (Shield)Galar Mine 2, Dusty BowlGalar Mine 2, Motostoke Outskirts
223Toxicroak (Shield)Stony Wilderness-
224Scraggy (Sword)Galar Mine 2, Bridge Field, Giant's Cap-
225Scrafty (Sword)-Galar Mine 2, Motostoke Outskirts
226Stunfisk-Galar Mine 2, Dusty Bowl
227ShuckleWatchtower Ruins, Giant's CapGalar Mine 2, Stony Wilderness
228BarboachNorth Lake Miloch, South Lake MilochNorth & South Lake Miloch, Galar Mine 2
229Whiscash-Slumbering Weald
230ShellosGalar Mine 2, Dusty Bowl, Giant's MirrorMotostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
231GastrodonRoute 9Route 9
232WimpodGalar Mine 2, Motostoke RiverbankMotostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Galar Mine 2
233GolisopodLake of Outrage-
234BinacleGalar Mine 2Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Galar Mine 2
235BarbaracleRoute 9Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
236Corsola (Shield)Giant's Mirror-
237Cursola (Shield)--
238Impidimp-Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness, Giant's Mirror
239MorgremGlimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
240Grimmsnarl-Lake of Outrage
241HatennaMotostoke Outskirts, Stony WildernessHammerlocke Hills
242HattremGlimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle, Dusty Bowl
243HattereneLake of Outrage-
244SalanditStony Wilderness-
246PawniardMotostoke Riverbank, Route 8, Giant's MirrorMotostoke Riverbank, Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness
247BisharpLake of Outrage-
248Throh (Shield)Motostoke Outskirts, Bridge Field, Giant's MirrorRow 48 - Cell 3
249Sawk (Sword)Motostoke Outskirts, Giant's Mirror-
250KoffingMotostoke Riverbank, Dusty BowlGiant's Mirror
251WeezingLake of Outrage, Slumbering WealdSlumbering Weald
252BonslyBridge Field, Stony Wilderness-
253SudowoodoMotostoke Outskirts, Hammerlocke HillsBridge Field, Dusty Bowl
255ClefairyMotostoke Riverbank, Giant's Cap-
257Togepi-Bridge Field
258Togetic-Stony Wilderness
259TogekissDusty Bowl-
260MunchlaxMotostoke Riverbank-
262Cottonee-Stony Wilderness
264RhyhornMotostoke Riverbank, Giant's MirrorMotostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness
265RhydonDusty BowlDusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
267Gothita (Sword)Giant's Cap-
268Gothorita (Sword)Giant's Cap (3), Dusty Bowl-
269Gothitelle (Sword)Lake of Outrage-
270Solosis (Shield)Giant's Cap (1) (2) (3)-
271Duosion (Shield)Dusty Bowl-
272Reuniclus (Shield)Lake of Outrage-
273Karrablast-Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills
275Shelmet-Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Route 7
277ElgyemBridge FieldMotostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
278BeheeyemLake of Outrage-
279CubchooBridge Field, Hammerlocke HillsBridge Field, Stony Wilderness
280Beartic-Route 10
281Rufflet (Sword)Route 8, Stony WildernessBridge Field
282Braviary (Sword)Dusty Bowl-
283Vullaby (Shield)Route 8, Stony WildernessBridge Field
284Mandibuzz (Shield)Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage-
285SkorupiMotostoke RiverbankMotostoke Riverbank, Route 6
286DrapionLake of OutrageRoute 8
287Litwick-Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
288LampentLake of Outrage-
290InkayRoute 7, Dusty Bowl and Giant's MirrorBridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills
292SneaselMotostoke Riverbank, Hammerlocke HillsMotostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
294Sableye (Shield)Dusty Bowl-
295Mawile (Sword)Dusty BowlBridge Field
296MaractusBridge Field, Stony Wilderness-
297SigilyphLake of Outage, Stony WildernessMotostoke Riverbank
298RioluGiant's Cap-

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex: 300-400

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

(Image credit: Nintendo)
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Header Cell - Column 0 ABC
300TorkoalMotostoke Riverbank, Giant's CapRoute 6, Giant's Mirror
301Mimikyu-Giant's Mirror
302CufantBridge Field-
303CopperajahLake of Outrage-
304QwilfishRoute 9, Bridge FieldBridge Field, Dusty Bowl
305FrillishWest Lake Axwell, North Lake Miloch-
306JellicentRoute 9Lake of Outrage
307MareanieRoute 9, Motostoke RiverbankMotostoke Riverbank, Giant's Mirror
308ToxapexRoute 9-
309CramorantBridge Field, Stony WildernessRoute 9, Lake of Outrage
310ToxelMotostoke Riverbank, Stony WildernessRoute 7, Stony Wilderness
312Silicobra-Route 6
313Sandaconda-Route 8, Lake of Outrage
314HippopotasDusty BowlRoute 6
315Hippowdon-Route 8, Giant's Mirror, Lake of Outrage
316DurantGiant's MirrorRoute 6
317HeatmorGiant's MirrorRoute 6
318HelioptileRoute 6, Giant's Mirror-
320Hawlucha-Route 6, Hammerlocke Hills
321TrapinchRoute 6-
323FlygonLake of Outrage-
324AxewAxew's Eye-
326HaxorusLake of Outrage-
327YamaskRoute 6-
330HonedgeHammerlocke HillsHammerlocke Hills
331Doublade-Lake of Outrage
333Ponyta (Shield)Glimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
334Rapidash (Shield)--
335SinisteaGlimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
336PolteageistRow 36 - Cell 2 -
337Indeedee (Male - Sword, Female - Shield)Glimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle, Lake of Outrage
338PhantumpGlimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
340MorelullGiant's Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills-
341ShiinoticGlimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
342Oranguru (Shield)Glimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
343Passimian (Sword)Glimwood TangleGlimwood Tangle
344Morepeko-Route 9
345Falinks-Route 8, Lake of Outrage
346Drampa (Shield)-Lake of Outrage
347Turtonator (Sword)-Lake of Outrage
348TogedemaruRoute 8Lake of Outrage
349SnomRoute 8Route 8, Route 10, Lake of Outrage
351ClobbopusRoute 9-
353Pincurchin-Route 9
354MantykeMotostoke Riverbank, Lake of OutrageRoute 9
355MatineLake of OutrageRoute 9
356WailmerRoute 9Route 9
357Wailord-Route 9
358BergmiteRoute 9-
360DhelmiseRoute 9-
361Lapras-Route 9
362Lunatone (Shield)Route 8, Giant's Cap-
363Solrock (Sword)Route 8, Giant's Cap-
364Mime Jr.--
365Mr. MimeRoute 10Lake of Outrage
366Mr. Rime--
367Darumaka (Sword)-Route 8, Route 10
368Darmanitan (Sword)--
369Stonjourner (Sword)-Lake of Outrage, Route 10
370Eiscue (Shield)-Lake of Outrage, Route 10
371DuraludonRoute 10Lake of Outrage
372RotomLake of Outrage-
373DittoLake of OutrageLake of Outrage
374Dracozolt-Fossilised Drake + Dino
375Arctozolt-Fossiled Bird + Dino
376Dracovish-Fossilised Drake + Fish
377Arctovish-Fossilised Bird + Fish
381Type: Null-Gift
383Larvitar (Shield)-Lake of Outrage
384Pupitar (Shield)-Lake of Outrage
385Tyranitar (Shield)--
386Deino (Sword)-Lake of Outrage
387Zweilous (Sword)--
388Hydreigon (Sword)--
389Goomy (Shield)-Lake of Outrage
390Sliggoo (Shield)-Lake of Outrage
391Goodra (Shield)--
392Jangmo-o (Sword)-Lake of Outrage
393Hakamo-o (Sword)-Lake of Outrage
394Kommo-o (Sword)--
395Dreepy-Lake of Outrage
396DrakloakLake of Outrage-
398Zacian (Sword)Legendary-
399Zamazenta (Shield)Legendary-

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