Midtown Madness Cheats

Midtown Madness Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Adam Knabe

    Secret Hideouts

    If you start a race or cruise, then you should find these spots. O.K., first one, is at the Adler Planetarium. In the front, when you're coming toward it look at the middle of it. You should see a halfway visible line. With your car ram that spot. The second one is at Soldiers Field. If you drive by, then there should be a open passage on both the sides and at the end of it on the side that doesn't have the museum across the street. The third one is at the art institute. If you drive by the right side of it, (if you're looking at it by the front) then you should see a sudden turn of the wall inward. Go into that space and ram the wall closest to the left .(those places are good for getting cops off of your tail.)

  • PC | Submitted by Luuk Tersmette


    Choose the CC in Paris.
    And choose that you want no traffic and police. When you are placed somewhere in Paris drive with the CC to the central river in en when you are there ,there will be several ramps .
    Look for a ramp made from cement.
    Look up when you are nearby ,you will see a label with ??? on it.
    Go to the begin of the river drive full speed to the ramp en if it works you will ride exactly inside de label.
    You will get a very great car named "ASP"

  • PC | Submitted by Martin

    Falling In Between A Drawbridge

    In the game there are drawbridges that go up and down. If you go up a drawbridge that is up you may find yourself in between the two parts of the bridge. If you stop the engine you will fall and loose the game but keeping the engine on (up key) will keep you from falling and the drawbridge will pull you out as it goes up

Midtown Madness Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    During play during single player mode Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [F7] until a prompt appears. Now enter one of these cheats:

    No damage(Scores will be disabled) /nodamage
    Enable damage /damage
    Sky spins /dizzy
    Toggle police radar(Scores will be disabled) /fuzz
    Bridge very quickly(Scores will be disabled) /bridge
    Airplanes becomes UFOs /ufo
    Train becomes line of airplanes /swap
    Cars in traffic have no friction(Scores will be disabled) /slide
    Player's car has no friction(Scores will be disabled) /puck
    Low gravity(Scores will be disabled) /grav
    Use horn to shoot mailboxes(Scores will be disabled) /postal
    Fast commentary /talkfast
    Slow commentary /talkslow
    Large people /big
    Small people /tiny
    Disable smoking tires /nosmoke
    Enable smoking tires /smoke

  • PC | Submitted by Andy W.

    Use No Damage "legally"

    1)Hit Control+Alt+Shift+F7
    2)Type /nodamage and press enter
    3)Before you end the race, press Control+ Alt+Shift+F7 and type in /damage and press enter.

  • PC | Submitted by rambo

    Floating wheels &helicopter view

    for floating wheels as the panoz aiv roadster
    in the game press d then v (drivers side,- orbit view) then escape. restart race and your 2 wheels with no body!!!

    for helicopter view
    as any small car (not the bus,or the big truck)
    in the game press c until you con see your car then press v then escape, restart race,
    and press v, what happens? (don't answer that)

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hex Cheat

    First, one has to open the file ui.ar in the Midtown madness directory. At the bottom of the file, one can find the different things such as the placing in the race required to unlock the next set of races as well as how many races it unlocks. There is also the stuff where you can choose how many races you must complete to unlock the cars such as the Panoz GTR-1. Below are the exact co-ordinates of the different vehicles (the offsets may vary in different hex editors, but not by much):

    The placing in the race to unlock the next race - 012f7b36
    How many races it unlocks at once - 012f7b4a
    VW New Beetle - 012f7b5e
    City Bus - 012f7c30
    Cadillac Eldorado - 012f7d02
    Ford Mustang Cruiser - 012f7dde
    Ford F-350 - 012f7eb0
    Ford Mustang Fastback - 012f782
    Ford Mustang GT - 012f805e
    Panoz GTR-1 - 012f813a
    Panoz Roadster - 012f822a
    Freightliner Century - 012f82fc

    Just read from the ANSI text part and edit what one wants. Basically, what everyone whould want is to unlock every vehicle. Simple. Just set the "Unlock Flags" part to "Unlock Flags=0" or 00. In the Panoz GTR-1, set the unlock score to 0000. Even an amateur can drive that car then. It should be pretty simple to edit what one wants other than that.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Enter these command line paramaters to get the following effect.

    All Races -allraces

    All Cars -allcars

    example D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness\midtown.exe -allcars

    several people have reported having trouble with these codes. Could be several versions of the game out there

  • PC | Submitted by morehtml@hotmail.com

    Player Name Cheats

    At the player select screen pick the NEW option and enter one of the following names
    Show Police on map(Scores will be disabled) Showme Cops
    Get All city bus traffic(Scores will be disabled) Big Bus Party
    Get All compact car traffic(Scores will be disabled) Tiny Car
    Get All airplane traffic(Scores will be disabled) Jet Planes
    Quick AI(Scores will be disabled) Warp Eleven
    Traffic goes in reverse amizdA eoJ
    Pick the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a generic car vasedans
    Pick the Bullet in cruise mode to drive a generic light car vasedanl
    Pick the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a van vavan
    Pick the City Bus in cruise mode to drive a Diesel vadiesels
    Pick the VW Bug in cruise mode to drive a VW Rabbit vacompact
    Pick the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a pickup truck vapickup
    Pick the in cruise mode to drive the bus with a new color vabus
    Pick the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a delivery truck vadelivery
    Pick the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a random limo valimo
    Pick the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a black limo valimoblack
    Pick the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a white limo valimoangel
    Pick the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a yellow cab vataxi
    Pick the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a green checkered cab vataxicheck
    Pick the City Bus in cruise mode to drive a mini-jet vaboeing_small