Microsoft confirms the next Xbox Series X video event is set for July

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The next Xbox 20/20 video showcase will be in July, and Microsoft has no plans for another such demonstration this month despite some odd wording.

It breaks down like this: back when Microsoft announced the first Xbox 20/20 event in May, it said it would do an Xbox 20/20 event "every month" with a series of "monthly moments" that would give fans a preview for what's coming with Xbox Series X. The first such event gave us a look at a ton of games from external studios, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

At the same time, Microsoft also specifically mentioned an event in July that would cover first-party Xbox Series X games from Xbox Game Studios. It never specifically mentioned doing an event in June. When word that a June event had been "delayed" started circulating online, several Microsoft employees pointed out that they'd always planned to have their next big event in July instead.

Whatever your feelings on the implications of the term "monthly" when used in the context of an ongoing video series, the important part is that it sounds like we won't get another good look at upcoming Xbox Series X games until July. It may be for the best, since the rest of June is looking increasingly crowded with games events - make sure you check out our E3 2020 schedule to see everything coming down the pike in the coming weeks.

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