Max Payne 3 achievement/trophy guide

So maybe you’ve just finished Max Payne and you’re sitting pretty with a lowly 200-300 gamerscore. That’s because aside from some story replaying and multiplayer grinding, many of the achievements in Max Payne 3 are skill-based. Well, that just gives us an excuse to fire up the ol’ video recorder and tape ourselves being slightly less terrible than the average gamer for the benefit of our lovely audience! Read/watch/stare on to learn the quickest way to your 1000g/platinum.

The Road-Kill Behind Me


Total Everything On The Runway

Load story mode, chapter 14, checkpoint 13. If you put it on easy mode, don’t waste any shots trying to kill the foot soldiers at the beginning. The goal is to destroy every vehicle on the runway with your grenade launcher. That includes all the Jeeps that show up, the four stationary cop cars, the armored car at the end, and the chopper at the very beginning. Just remember to aim higher for targets that are further away. The most difficult part of this achievement is simply timing your reloads if you miss at an inconvenient time. Prioritize the chopper and the cop cars, since they don’t move alongside you like the Jeeps do.

The Shadows Rushed Me


Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore

Available in arcade mode, New York Minute Hardcore is unlocked after beating the original New York Minute mode. New York Minute Hardcore is identical in every way to New York Minute mode (one minute on the clock per level, add five seconds for a kill, six for a headshot, 10 for melee) but if you die, you have to start over from chapter 1. Our only advice is to play semi-conservatively: the biggest challenge of New York Minute mode lies in competing with other players’ times or for medals, so if you’re not concerned with that, staying alive is a bit easier.

Training Complete


(Multiplayer) Achieve Level Rank 50

Play a lot of multiplayer. Hardcore matches grant more xp.

Trouble Had Come To Me


Clear Everyone On The Bus Ride

Fire up story mode, chapter 10, checkpoint 11. Set the difficulty to easy and turn on Hard Lock. Don’t forget (like we did) that bullet time is an option during this sequence and should be used liberally if you’re having trouble. Make sure to kill everyone you see, prioritizing enemies on the left to avoid completely passing them. Don’t forget to blow up the gas pumps either, as the explosion will quickly kill a large group of enemies. However, the trickiest moment lies in dealing with the enemy carrying a rocket launcher. You should kill the baddies around him first, because killing him progresses the action almost immediately and as a result, you may miss out on killing the trio otherwise.

As you can see, we clearly missed the last guy due to an untimely reload yet the achievement still unlocked. You may get similarly lucky. Also, if you don’t already have the “Colder Than The Devil’s Heart” achievement/trophy, that will unlock while you’re going for this one.

With Practiced Bravado


100 Kills During Shootdodge

The only challenge here lies in remembering to use Shootdodge. Try to line up your Shootdodges so that you land in cover. Or maybe not, as dying and reloading will simply give you more opportunities to use Shootdodge!

You Might Hurt Someone With That


Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades

You may get this naturally during the story, but if you haven’t (or if you want to work on the Fire Works Grind, which requires 50), go to story mode, chapter 8, checkpoint 3.You’ll be confronted by three enemies, one of which carries a grenade launcher. Kill the two traditionally-armed enemies, then simply shoot grenades out of the air until the achievement unlocks. This enemy will not run out of ammo, will not move, and will not be shot by Passos.

If you’re having trouble shooting the grenades, turn on Hard Lock.

You Play, You Pay, You Bastard


(Single Player) 100 Kills With Melee.

To melee an enemy, simply get within hugs & kisses range and pull the trigger. Instead of immediately shooting, Max will hit his attacker. This also works when enemies are languishing on the ground.

You Push A Man Too Far (secret)


Don’t Shoot The Dis-Armed Man

Near the end of the final chapter, you’ll have an opportunity to execute one of the final bosses by shooting him in the head. Don’t pull the trigger and you’ll earn this achievement.

A Few Hundred Bullets Back


Use Every Weapon In The Game

Below you’ll find a list. All of these weapons are found during single player mode (the first time you can find each weapon is listed next to the names). For the LAW and the Grenade Launcher, only direct hits to a human body count. The RPG is not available in single player mode and is not required for this achievement.

For the uncommon weapons that we had trouble finding, we’ve included the exact checkpoint you should load.

One-handed weapons:

  • PT92 (ch 1)
  • .38 revolver (ch 2)
  • Micro 9MM (ch 2)
  • 1911 (ch 4)
  • M10 (ch 4)
  • 608 Bull (ch 5)
  • Auto 9MM (ch 6)
  • Sawn-off shotgun (ch 7)
  • DE. 50 (ch 7)
  • M972 (ch 9)

Two-handed weapons:

  • M500 shotgun (ch 1)
  • Mini-30 (ch 1)
  • M4 Super 90 shotgun (ch 3)
  • MPK (ch 3)
  • M82A1 sniper rifle (ch 3)
  • AK-47 (ch 4)
  • FAL (ch 5)
  • LMG .30 (ch 5)
  • MD-97L (ch 6)
  • SPAS-15 shotgun (ch 8)
  • G6 Commando (ch 9)
  • Super Sport shotgun (ch 12 - checkpoint 4)
  • RPD (ch 12 - checkpoint 4)
  • SAF .40 (ch 13)
  • Rotary Grenade Launcher (ch 13 - checkpoint 5, next to second LAW)
  • LAW (ch 13 - checkpoint 5, use the non-scripted one)
  • FMP G3S (ch 13 - checkpoint 16, snipers in training course)

A License To Kill


Collect All Golden Guns

You can find a complete collectibles guide HERE.

A New York Minute


Finish In A New York Minute

Unlock “New York Minute” mode by beating the story mode, then selecting it from the Arcade menu. In this mode, you begin each level with only one minute on the clock. You can add time to this counter by killing an enemy (adds five seconds), getting a headshot kill, (adds six seconds), or killing someone with a melee attack (adds 10 seconds).

All Of The Above


Finish All Single Player Grinds

Access the grinds menu from the main menu. From there, you can track your progress. It may take a while, but at least you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Along For The Ride


Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM]

Fire up story mode, chapter 11, checkpoint 11. Triggering a bullet cam means clearing the immediate area of all enemies, so you’ll have to kill all five of the thugs in front of you before your ride ends. You have unlimited ammo during this sequence and plenty of time, so relax and don’t worry if every shot isn’t a headshot. Just remember to do this with free aim or else it won’t count.

Amidst The Wreckage


Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom

Fire up story mode, chapter 6, checkpoint 3. By ‘models,’ they mean architectural models, and you have to destroy them all personally (enemies can’t be allowed to accidentally take any out) for the achievement to unlock. There are five models total: three on individual pedestals and two on the conference table.

An Echo Of The Past


Find All Clues

You can find a complete collectibles guide HERE.

Colder Than The Devil’s Heart


Kill 30 Enemies in 2 Minutes

There are a couple of parts in the story where this can be achieved, but we’re choosing chapter 10, checkpoint 11. The key lies in setting targeting to Hard Lock. Try to kill every enemy that appears (make sure to blow up the gas pumps as well). You’ll have additional time to rack up kills after the bus crashes.

Dearest Of All My Friends


Kill Someone On Your Friends List

This obviously has to be done in multiplayer. Find a friend and invite them - to die.

Deathmatch Challenge


Winner In Any Public Deathmatch

You need to come in first place during public deathmatch. This means free-for-all, not team deathmatch.

Feel The Payne


Story Complete [MEDIUM]

This unlocks when you finish the game on medium difficulty or higher.

Full Monty


Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars

If you haven’t played a particular multiplayer mode, it will have a star next to it. For Gang Wars, although you only play 5 rounds per match, there are just over 10 different round variants total. You do not have to play any of the large or hardcore modes for this achievement to unlock.

Grave Robber


Looted A Body

During a multiplayer match, stand over any fallen enemy and hold down on the d-pad (or whatever button is prompted, depending on your control scheme) to loot the body.

It Was Chaos And Luck


Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM]

Fire up story mode, chapter 13, checkpoint 14, and switch to easy mode. You also have to select Free Aim mode from the menu for this to count. Minimize how much you move your reticule vertically during this sequence, since all of the enemies (except for one, who will be ducking) are all at identical heights. Like the other Free Aim challenges, you’ll have a bottomless magazine during the sequence, so fire away.

It’s Fear That Gives Men Wings


10 Bullet Time Kills In A Row

You must get ten kills without disengaging bullet time for this achievement to unlock. Load up story mode, chapter 5, checkpoint 17. Switch the difficulty to easy and turn on Hard Lock. Wait for your bullet time gauge to fill completely, then go to town. There are four boats; you can start from the right and work your way to the left if you wish.