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Max Payne 3 achievement/trophy guide

Maximum Payne


Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL]

Old school mode is unlocked after beating the story mode on hard difficulty. You take even more damage than you would in hardcore mode and the last man standing option is no longer available to you.

Man Of Many Faces


Unlock All Faction Characters

All factions are unlocked once you reach rank 7 in multiplayer.

Man Of Many Weapons


Unlock All Weapons

This achievement/trophy is significantly more time-consuming than the “Man of Many Faces,” even though it’s worth the same amount of gamerscore/trophy color. You’ll have to reach rank 40 in multiplayer to unlock all weapons.

Max Payne Invitational


Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list

Set up a private match and press RB to go to your friends list. Move the cursor over to someone who’s currently online, select them and then invite them. Even if they don’t join you (or even own Max Payne 3) the achievement will immediately unlock.

One Bullet At A Time


(Single Player) 300 Headshots

This should unlock naturally on your first playthrough, assuming you’re not playing with Hard Lock activated and are actually attempting the occasional headshot. Use bullet time and shootdodge to aid in aiming if you’re having trouble.

Out The Window


Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM]

Fire up story mode, chapter 2, checkpoint 2, and switch to easy mode. You also have to select Free Aim mode from the menu for this to count. Don’t worry about perfect accuracy or headshots here — the goal is simply to kill all six men as quickly as possible. You also have a bottomless magazine during this sequence, so fire away. See the video for their exact locations.

Part I Complete


Complete Part I Of The Story

Part I encompasses chapters 1 through 5. The achievement will unlock upon completion of chapter 5.

Part II Complete


Complete Part II Of The Story

Part II encompasses chapters 6 through 10. The achievement will unlock upon completion of chapter 10.

Part III Complete


Complete Part III Of The Story

Part III encompasses chapters 10 through 14 (the end). The achievement will unlock upon finishing the game.

Past The Point Of No Return


Take 100 Painkillers.

Again, this should unlock naturally during your first playthrough. When will depend on how good or bad you are at Max Payne 3!

Payne Bringer


(Multiplayer) Kill 100 Other Players

This is pretty self-explanatory, just rake up those kills online.

Payne In The Ass


Story Complete [HARDCORE]

Hardcore mode is unlocked by beating the story mode on hard difficulty. In hardcore mode, there is no aim assist and you will take more damage. Remember to select new game from the story menu, then Hardcore mode.

Serious Payne


Story Complete [HARD]

This unlocks when you beat the game on hard difficulty. Aim assist must be turned off (in other words, Free Aim only) for the entire game or this achievement will not unlock. You also must also start a new game as opposed to selecting individual chapters.

So Much For Being Subtle


Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM]

Load story mode, chapter 7, checkpoint 9, and switch to easy mode. You also have to select Free Aim mode from the menu for this to count. Make sure to kill the men on the second level before you lose the sightline. Because these enemies are a little closer to you than the other Free Aim challenges, try lowering your aim sensitivity if you’ve been playing with it turned up (like we were). If you’re having trouble unlocking this using a semi-auto pistol that you’re given if you go directly to this checkpoint, load an earlier checkpoint and find a fully automatic one-handed weapon for the task. Like the other Free Aim challenges, you’ll have a bottomless magazine during the sequence.