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Max Payne 3 achievement/trophy guide

The One Eyed Man Is King


Cover Passos With Perfect Aim

Fire up story mode, chapter 3, checkpoint 12, and switch to easy mode. This is the segment where you have to use a sniper rifle to protect Passos as he makes his way through the stands. The goal is to have perfect accuracy throughout the entire segment. A good tactic is to simply place your reticule in the path of an enemy, then pull the trigger a split second before they hit that point (bullet delay). If possible, save your bullet time for the later parts of this segment when Passos is being flanked from both sides.

If you miss a shot before Passos tries in vain to open the doors, you can simply try again by reloading the checkpoint. If you miss a shot after this point, you cannot choose reload checkpoint anymore. You’ll have to quit and restart checkpoint 12. This may be fixed later with a patch (along with the confounding reversal of the analog stick roles in sniper mode), though we can’t say for sure.

The Only Choice Given


Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM]

Go to story mode, chapter 10, checkpoint 5, and switch to easy mode. You also have to select Free Aim mode from the menu for this to count. This is actually one of the easiest Free Aim achievements. But if you’re having trouble unlocking this using a semi-auto pistol that you’re given at checkpoint 5, load an earlier checkpoint and find a fully automatic one handed weapon for the task. Like the other Free Aim challenges, you’ll have a bottomless magazine during the sequence.