Matthew Vaughn says 90% of his script made it in to X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Matthew Vaughn has been speaking to Collider about his decision to drop out of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, while also saying that around 90% of his script actually made it into the finished film.

“I’d say 90%,” says Vaughn. “I mean, we worked on the script, [Simon] Kinsberg and I. It was a really tough decision for me, because I pulled out just because I’d finished the Kingsman: The Secret Service script at the same time and I was like ‘My god if I don’t make a fun spy movie right now, somebody else’s going to do it.’”

“And I think there’s five coming out next year now. So we’re going to be the first of it, not the last. Bryan [Singer] did a few things, which I thought were genius that weren’t in my script. I had Juggernaut breaking into the Pentagon, he changed it to Quicksilver and did that fucking brilliantly, I have to add.”

“My idea was the Sentinels at the end, I wanted them to look like Mystique. I thought there should be thousands of Mystiques attacking them in the future. He changed a few more of the mutants, but it was pretty close. Yeah, it was pretty close.”

Meanwhile, we’ll soon get a better idea of exactly why Vaughn jumped ship when Kingsman: The Secret Service opens in the UK on 12 February 2015, and the US the following day.

George Wales

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