Marvel's Spider-Man 2 confirmed for Fall 2023 launch

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
(Image credit: SIE/Marvel)

The launch of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the sequel to Insomniac Games' PS4 hit, has been confirmed for fall 2023 on PS5. 

A new post on the PlayStation Blog offers a brief preview of the year ahead, and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is the headliner. Today's news confirms recent hints, sparked by a writer's personal website, that indicated a fall release was in the cards. 

As recently as October, Insomniac reassured Spider-Man fans that work on the sequel is making "good progress." 

"Showing games takes time, effort, resources, and coordination," the studio said at the time. Today's news rehashes the game's reveal trailer (which is still great), but with launch timing now set, we can expect new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reveals in the not-so-distant future, perhaps via a dedicated PlayStation State of Play showcase. 

Creative director Bryan Intihar chucked a short statement into today's post as well. "What a year it's been for PlayStation Studios; here at Insomniac games we've been in absolute awe of the work of our peers," he said. "Congrats to everyone on a successful 2022... and here's to next year being just as exciting as we continue to get Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ready for release next fall."

PlayStation Studios' 2022 lineup included megaliths like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok. Sony also made significant and fairly expensive additions to its production stable this year, notably snapping up Halo creator and Destiny 2 developer Bungie for $3.6 billion, though the studio will continue to operate independently going forward, seemingly with more of a knowledge-sharing relationship with the actual PlayStation Studios group. 

Several PlayStation Studios are now making games in the same engine as Horizon Forbidden West, which was also used for the likes of Death Stranding and Until Dawn. 

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