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Marvel's Jessica Jones to debut on Netflix this November

Following a strong start with Daredevil back in April, Marvel is wrapping up production on Jessica Jones, the second TV series it's producing exclusively for Netflix. All thirteen hour-long episodes of the comic book adaptation will be available to subscribers on November 20.

Jessica Jones is adapted from the Brian Michael Bendis comic, Alias, and centers on the titular ex-superhero (played by Krysten Ritter) who trades in her caped lifestyle to become a private investigator. It's set in the same universe as Daredevil, so keep your eyes peeled for crossover characters, just like you do with Marvel's ever-growing lineup of connected films.

The latest clip is clearly meant as an announcement preview rather than a full trailer, but eagle-eyed fans are already scanning it for hints of what's to come -that purple tint, some say, may be a prelude to David Tennant's role as the villainous Zebediah Kilgrave. (Yup, that name's definitely from a comic book.)

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