Martin Campbell directing Nagasaki Deadline

Martin Campbell has agreed to direct the thriller Nagasaki Deadline for Alcon Entertainment.

The helmer, who last made Casino Royale, and is hard at work on his film version of Edge Of Darkness remake with Mel Gibson, is helping the company haul the film from turnaround, where it was shoved by Fox before 9/11.

The plot sounds like a mix of National Treasure and 24, as a troubled FBI agent struggles to decrypt historic events in an attempt to stop a huge terrorist attack.

William Broyles Jr

Sibling writing team David and Peter Griffiths penned the first draft of the script, which is now being re-written by Flags Of Our Fathers scribe William Broyles Jr, reports Variety .

Perhaps when he’s free the producers of the Bond movies could offer Campbell every penny that Quantum Of Solace is making to come back and restore the franchise to its Casino Royale glory days.

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