mammoths and men of action

After showing us the effects of an environmentally destructive new ice age in The Day After Tomorrow, Roland Emmerich is spinning the clock back to the time following the last one, when sharing the Earth with mightily tusked mammoths.

Never one to skimp on the epic scale, the director is bringing us a tale of harsh conditions, gigantic beasts and men with spears. It looks a little like Quest For Fire meets Apocalypto, and it’s tough to see what it will be really like as there’s no dialogue. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean 10,000 B.C. is another Pathfinder waiting to happen… But decide for yourself here .

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are giving us another chronically brief sneak peek behind the scenes of Indiana Jones IV. There’s really not a lot here besides a couple of glimpses of the pair larking around on set and frankly if they don’t buck up their ideas, who’s going to want to write about this sort of thing? Ahem… At least George Lucas let us see more during the Making Of vids for the last few Star Wars movies. And talking of George, we think he’d have been thrilled to see Han Solo and Chewbacca reunited on the set of Ind… What? That was George to Harrison’s left? Wow… someone needs a beard trimmer, stat!

See the glimpse right here .

Source:( Yahoo ) ( Indiana Jones )

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