Succession fans spotted M3GAN in the background of a scene and can't get over it

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Succession
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There's no reason to believe that the events of Succession don't take place in the real world, but due to the Roy family's unrelatable circumstances and outlandish behavior, it's easy to forget sometimes. So when a poster for this year's hit horror flick M3GAN popped up in the last episode, fans couldn't get enough of it. 

Released on Sunday, May 21, 'Church and State', the ninth chapter in Succession's fourth and final season, centers mostly around the funeral of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), who died back in episode 3. During one moment, Logan's second-eldest son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) briefly stepped out onto the streets of New York City for a breather, which is when fans spotted the bot's "cameo" on a subway entrance behind him. 

"Confirmed: M3GAN was released in the Succession universe," one tweet joked, as another said: "Going to therapy to process my feelings over knowing that M3GAN and Avatar: The Way of Water exist in the Succession universe."

"Just realized that [because] of the Succession ep showing M3GAN and Avatar 2 promos the new episodes must be taking place in late 2022, November 2022 cuz the election was yesterday," a third took it upon themselves to work out. "Which means their election years are offset from ours by two years. I wonder who died to make that happen."

In context, M3GAN looks to be just a movie in the show as it was in real life, so the Roy siblings needn't worry about the menacing doll plotting to overtake them as CEO of Waystar RoyCo. Good thing, too, as they're already up against a blonde baddie who threatens their positions in the way of Alexander Skarsgård's billionaire Lukas Matsson. 

Succession continues (and concludes) on Sunday, May 28, and it's safe to say that the finale looks suitably tense if the trailer is anything to go by. Make sure you don't miss an episode with our Succession season 4 release schedule.

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