Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

The Kitchen

3 Nomes, 3 Statues

Climb up the ladder, then go right and stand on the bundle before jumping to grab a hook as it passes.

Keep moving right as your stomach pains increase until you can eat the rat in the trap. Sorry.

Climb over the crates into the next room, then get onto the crate at the back to your right and push over the lid to make a ramp.

On the other side, drop down the hole under a lid to reach a secret room.

On the table is a Statue (1/3) you can throw and smash.

Climb the ladder to return to the previous area then go through the doors on the right.

Push the trolley to the far right of the room, then climb on top and jump to the opening before it rolls away.

Move through the pantry and corridor into the kitchen, then hide under the unit to the left of the cooker. Wait until the chef checks the pot and returns to the chopping board.

Move right and hide under the unit on the other side of the cooker until the chef enters the lower kitchen area.

Shut the oven door to distract the chef into coming over, then move past them to the right side of the kitchen.

Climb up the shelves in the back right of the area and light the lamp on top.

Work your way left along the rafters closest to the front of the screen then climb the cages to reach the next area.

Go left through the toilet and hallway to reach a bedroom.

Climb up the cabinet on the left side to wake the chef, who'll turn on the light and leave.

Climb onto the shelf on the left, then grab the key and swing back and forth to drop it to the floor.

Head back to the bathroom, where you'll find a Nome (1/3) to hug in the back left corner.

Pick up the key and carry it into the lift at the back of the hallway, pulling the switch to open the gate.

Back in the kitchen area, go left into the pantry and smash the moving jar to reveal a Nome (2/3) to hug.

If you want to go for the Kitchen Hand Trophy or Achievement, then you'll need to grab the two vegetables from the pantry floor, along with the fish head under the table in the lower kitchen area, and throw all three of them into the cooking pot in the stone oven at the back of the kitchen.

Collect the key, and sneak through the kitchen area once more to unlock the door at the far right end.

Climb on the bench in the next room then go through the vent in the wall.

Head under the bench where you'll find a Nome (3/3) to hug.

Now climb onto the bench and pull the switch to drop meat into the mincer, then turn the handle to make a sausage. Hop into the dumbwaiter at the back of the room to go up to a cold storage area.

Go through the vent to the right of the cold storage to find a secret room, with a lamp to light and Statue (2/3) to smash.

Back in cold storage, climb the shelves to the left then jump right and swing on the hook to grab the chunk of meat. Drag it on top of the trap door.

The other chunk of meat is on top of the bench where you entered, so drag this to the trap door as well.

Go back down the dumbwaiter, pull the switch then turn the handle to make two more sausages, then swing on them to reach the vent opposite.

Go to the far right of the next area and pull the switch to active the lift, then quickly run left and hide inside the crate.

Wait for the chef to move past you then sprint to the lift and go up.

Get into the vent on the right and hide until the chef goes into the kitchen.

Sneak around the back of the kitchen under the units then go through the vent into the upper area.

Hit the switch to start the machine then sprint right and slide through the vent to avoid the chef.

Hop up onto the table and grab the key, then run to the lift to go downstairs.

Unlock the door on the right, then use the seat in the next room to jump and grab the handle for the chute, pulling it open.

Use the seat again to jump up into the chute, then go to the back to fall down it before the chef can grab you.

At the bottom left corner of this trash room, you'll find a Statue (3/3) to smash.

Climb up the rafters on the right side to reach a vent.

Go up into the left hand room of the kitchen and climb the plates at the back.

Jump to the platform and grab a passing hook, then ride it to the shelf in the next room and light the lamp.

Return to the kitchen and use the gaps under the sinks to sneak past the chefs into the right hand room.

Climb on the bench at the back and pull the switch to reverse the direction of the hooks, then get ready to hide immediately.

Sneak back to the middle of the kitchen and climb the stack of plates to grab a passing hook, then ride it to the next room.

Drop onto a crate of plates then sprint right, sliding under the table to evade the chasing chef.

Climb onto the crates at the end then grab a hook and ride it to the end of the chapter.

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