Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

The Lair

3 Nomes, 2 Statues

When you start the next chapter, head up the stairs and enter the first room,

Climb on the chair and jump to the desk, then light the lamp.

Drag the chair to the floor tile where the black marks end to open a secret door in the cupboard.

Go through the door, then climb on the console at the back of the room and keep pressing the button to cycle through various security eye views.

Go back to the stairs and up to the next level, where you'll find a Nome (1/3) to hug.

At the top of the stairs, climb through the vent to the next area.

Drag the suitcase from the middle of the room to the right and pull the lever to drop the bed.

From the bed, climb up the drawers behind then jump to the top of the other cabinet on the left. Climb up to the shelf on the left and smash the Statue (1/2).

Now drop onto the table to grab the key.

Push through the wall to the right, then carry the key along to unlock the door on the far right - throw it up the step before climbing up.

In the next room, pick up the monkey then go to the right and throw it at the switch to call the lift.

Carry the monkey into the lift, then throw it at the switch inside to go to the lower floor.

Walk left past the fan, and look out for a lamp next to a pipe you duck under.

Keep shuffling left until you reach the cage, then eat the food inside to move on to the next area.

Keep moving right then left to rock the cage off its perch and break out.

Squeeze through the crack in the doors to the left and light the lamp.

Back in the previous room, drag the cage on the right underneath the handle then jump up and grab it. Swing back and forth then jump to the right and sprint under the closing door.

Climb up the grid on the back of the door that closed.

Light the candle by the bathtub, then go through the hole in the wall to the right of the upper room.

In the next area, sprint right past the monster and slide through the hole in the wall at the far end. If you time it right, the large door will open then close again before the monster can enter the room with you.

Pick up the crank and insert it into the slot on the pillar, then turn it to open the hatch. Quickly run and drop down the hatch before you get grabbed.

Drop out of the vent and light the lamp.

Climb the ladder tucked away at the back of this area.

Crawl through the vent at the top to find a secret room and a Nome (2/3) to hug.

Drop down the hole in this room, then crawl right until you reach the next area.

Run and jump from case to case as quickly as possible before the monster grabs you.

In the next area, just run right as fast as you can to escape your pursuer.

When you reach the lift, hide in the crate on the right to avoid detection.

In the next room, push the toy crate right so you can fall through the floorboards.

Go to the far right of the area below the floorboards, then head to the back where there's a Statue (2/2) you can smash.

Go left and climb out of the tunnel to the room above when the monster is in the next room, then pick up the monkey and throw it left to create a distraction.

Immediately crawl through the hole on the right and wait for the monster to leave the room.

Sprint right and climb the drawers of the cabinet before the monster returns. Go through the vent and follow it to the next area.

Move through the clock room and push down the door to reach another room with the same monster in it.

Sprint past it, grab a shoe and throw it at the switch to open the next door.

Run through the corridor of clocks and squeeze through the gap in the door at the far end.

Crawl under the unit on the far right to disturb a Nome (3/3), then go left to the last stack of books where you can hug it.

Climb up the bookshelves to the right then light the candle at the top.

Jump onto the piano keyboard then run back and forth to unlock the Six's Song Trophy or Achievement.

Leap and grab the bookshelves on the left then climb up to reach the next library room.

Climb up the first stack of books onto the shelves, then work your way up to the shelf above to light a candle.

Walk along the shelves to the left, drop down then climb up the last stack of books to reach a vent leading to the next room.

Push the button to turn on the TV, then grab the crank and hide in the bottom right corner of the room.

When the monster comes in, sneak past and head back through the library room, stopping to light the candle in the middle.

When you reach the far end, insert the crank and turn it to raise the piano, then quickly jump on it to reach the far side.

Light the candle, then go through the vent to the next room.

Pull/push the cart to cover the steam, then climb over it.

Pull the cart to the end of the track, then jump from the top of it to grab the door handle.

Go through the next room and enter the vent, then look out for a lamp to light.

Watch out for the two grabbing hands a little further up, where you see holes in the wall.

Sprint right as soon as you exit the vent and slide under the jammed door at the end.

Here you'll need to avoid the monster's roaming arms then grab the bars of the cage wedged in the door and pull them off.

Do this twice to defeat the monster, then exit through the vent that opens to complete the chapter.

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