Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

The Depths DLC

5 Flotsam

Once you wake from your nightmare, head left and through the door.

Follow the platform to the room at the end then drop through the hole in the floor.

Now go right along the next platform then climb down the crates at the end.

Make your way left, hiding under the spotlight at the back of the room.

Continue left until you reach the playroom, then use the seesaw to jump onto the drawers.

Climb through the opening into the bathroom, before going through the door to the left.

Use the crate to climb up to the sink at the back, where you'll find Flotsam (1/5).

Now drag the crate to the left and use it to climb up to the window.

Shimmy down the sheets on the other side, then go left and use the crates to reach the next area.

Drop down the hole under the fan.

Drag the orange suitcase to the right then use it to climb out of the water.

Make sure you grab the torch in the next area.

Sprint through the following corridors to avoid the numerous leeches that appear.

Climb up the gratings, jumping from side to side to reach the top.

Wade through the next area and climb over the gate.

Pull off the boards midway through the next area.

Swim quickly to the right to escape whatever is in the water.

Drop down into the pit, then grab the can and throw it at the squirming mass of leeches in the pipe.

Lead them away to the left then quickly double back and climb into the pipe.

At the other end of the pipe, climb the rafters at the back then climb the grating on the left and jump to the lever.

Now move the big lever 1/4 turn to the right and drop down into the water.

This will let you enter the pipe to the right.

At the back of the next room by a red barrel you'll spot Flotsam (2/5).

Climb back up to the big lever and move it to the 3/4 turn position.

This will let you drop into the water and swim through the opening on the right to reach a ladder.

On the platform, head to the back to find a vent leading to the other side.

Quickly move from the crate to the sofa, then the next crate followed by a series of barrels.

Swim to the case then climb up the rungs to reach a bridge.

Go right and drop back into the water, then swim to the back and use the floating objects to reach the platform, which has Flotsam (3/5).

Now head right to reach the next platform, where you can climb the grating on the pillar then jump to the boxes and turn the crank to lift the bundle out of the water.

Jump and grab the rope around the bundle, then climb right and jump to the hook before swinging onto the platform.

Grab the three pieces of fish (including two in the bathtub at the back) and throw them all into the water on the left, then dash right to swim to the next platform.

Go to the right of the next room and pick up the large round bundle of bandages, then throw it into the bucket at the back to earn the Fun and Games Ahead Trophy or Achievement.

Climb up the rafters on the left then push over the board to make a platform.

On the platform to the right, stand on the end of the loose floorboard to tip it up, then sprint to the end and jump to grab the door handle.

Swim right then climb onto the rear platform, before jumping and pulling the lever to drain the water.

Climb down the drawers to reach the lower level, then drag the chair over and use it to jump to the table.

Knock the pot off to smash it and reveal the key, then grab it and unlock the door on the right while avoiding the leech.

Climb the rungs to the next area, before pushing the suitcase into the water and hitting the button at the back to drain it.

Drag the two suitcases into position at the back of the area, then climb out and hit the switch to return the water and use your new platforms to cross over.

Cross the next area then climb through the opening to continue.

Jump from object to object to reach the rear left hand platform.

Throw the fish left then head right as fast as you can, using the objects until you reach a stack of drawers and some pipes.

Jump to the boat, then jump as far right as possible from it to give yourself enough time to reach the planks and jump/climb out of the water.

As you climb up the rafters, jump onto the midway platform.

Now sprint left and jump the gap to find another platform hiding Flotsam (4/5).

Go back to the rafters and climb the rest of the way up to the next area, then drop down into the water.

Head right and up the rafters at the back to reach the upper platform where you can grab the crank.

Drop down into the water with the crank (remember where it lands) then climb out and hit the switch on the left to lower the water level.

Find the crank and throw it on top of the suitcase, then drag it to the left.

Hit the switch again to raise the water, then jump to the suitcase and throw the crank onto the platform.

Lower the water again and reposition the suitcase to the middle of the area, then raise the water. Turn the crank in the slot to open the door, then sprint over the suitcase and slide under the door before it shuts.

Head along the wooden platform then push through the falling door at the far end.

Work your way along the objects in the water, then climb up the left hand rafters to reach the platform and pull the lever to turn on the power.

Swing left on the light to the next platform, then hang onto the lever until the water rises and the platform collapses beneath you.

Quickly swim right and climb the rafters to the other platform, then push the television off the side to the right.

When the power goes off again, use the television to jump through the doorway ahead.

In the next area with the stairs, go to the right hand side and pull off the boards to reveal the final Flotsam (5/5), unlocking the Not Alone Trophy or Achievement.

Head up the stairs and ladder to reach the hatch at the top.

You'll find yourself in a familiar scene with Six, where this first DLC ends.

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