Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

The Hideaway DLC

5 Flotsam

Head right through the first couple of rooms.

Find the Nome hiding at the back of the room.

Pull it out of the gap in the doorway, then pick it up and throw it at the door handle.

Throw it over the divide in the next room, then throw it at the switch to open the door.

In the next room, push the case up with the Nome to reveal an exit.

In the next area, pull open the drawer on the far right to reveal another Nome.

Throw both of them up onto the table to push the case onto the floor.

Jump up onto the table then pull open the cage to release a third Nome, and throw it to the floor.

Climb up the crates to the left and go through the hole in the wall.

Drop down into the room beyond to find Flotsam (1/5).

Return to the previous room and use the three Nomes to open the door to the right.

Head right until you reach the big furnace, then climb on the stool and grab the handle to open it.

Go right into the next room and pull the Nome out that's stuck in the overturned coal truck.

Continue right until you reach the dark room, then creep past the monster inside - sticking to the bottom of the screen will help.

In the next room on the right, head to the back and look under the stairs for Flotsam (2/5).

At the top of the stairs, jump along the hanging platforms.

In the next room, pull open the locker to the left of the shelves sticking out and drag the stool in front, then climb up the stack inside the locker.

Swing on the light to the right then go through the hole in the wall.

At the other end of the tunnel, jump across the gap and climb down, then jump left into another tunnel.

In the next room, pull open the drawers to climb on top of the cabinet then jump to the shelf and grab the glowing fuse.

Carry it back through the dark room to the left, then in the next room insert both glowing fuses into the fusebox to power the lift.

Ride the lift up, then go through the hole in the wall to the back right of the room.

To the right of the room, push the rolling trolley into the middle of the gap between the tables.

By the left hand table, pull the drawer open then climb onto the table and jump onto the trolley. You may need to wait until it rolls into the right position first.

Jump from the trolley to the right hand table and throw the Nome down to the floor.

Climb back onto the left hand table, then climb up the drawers in the background.

Go left when you reach the top to find Flotsam (3/5) up in the rafters.

Back in the room, drag the crate to the door on the left then throw the three Nomes onto the handle to pull it down.

Push the crate under the door, then head through it with the three Nomes.

Throw them all into the lift, then ride it down.

Lead/carry all the Nomes left to the furnace area, where they'll start grabbing coal to fuel the fire.

Climb up both ladders to the left, then look under the stairs on the upper level to find Flotsam (4/5).

Go up the stairs and jump up and down on the loose boards with the planks on top until you break through.

Head left under the floorboards until you can emerge in the next area with a monster.

Go left into the next room and grab the monkey toy - if you stick to the bottom of the screen and jump the gap after climbing over the block to remain on the carpet, the monster won't detect you until you're halfway across the next room.

Throw the monkey into the bottom left corner of the room, then sneak around the back of the pillar with the crank on it to avoid the monster.

Climb onto the bench at the back of the room and pull down the switch to power up the saw next door.

Dash right into the other room and hit the lit up button to start the saw.

Climb onto the workbench to grab the Nome statue and carry it with you.

While the monster is distracted, run left to the other room and drop the Nome statue by the trap door in the corner.

Use the monkey toy to lure the monster in again, then run next door and hit the button to start the saw once more.

Run back to the other room and quickly turn the crank to open the trap door. Throw in the Nome statue then jump down.

In the next area, head right to the door then climb on the table at the back. Keep jumping left to encourage the Nome on the shelf above to move until it falls off.

Give the Nome a hug then carry it left and throw it up to the ladder to pull it down.

Climb the ladder, then go through the doorway on the left to revisit a familiar room with a switch you can press to cycle through various camera views.

Back at the top of the ladder, jump to the opposite platform via the hanging coal truck, then turn the crank to lower it onto the tracks.

Use the crates at the back to return to the ladder and climb back down.

Push the coal truck to the left, then climb on it and jump to the crate then go through the hole in the wall.

Drop down into the coal and chase the Nome until you can grab it.

Carry it up the ramp to the right and throw it to the ledge, then jump and climb up yourself.

Throw the Nome up to the lever to start the conveyor belt, then use the momentum of running and jumping from it to swing on the zipline and ride it to the other side.

Jump from the coal bin to the lever to start the other conveyor belt, which drops a Nome into the coal below. Follow the same method as last time to grab it and throw it onto the ledge.

Go right and throw one of the Nomes to the switch to open the door.

Collect the coal truck and push it left to the end of the line - be careful to push and not pull it otherwise you may get trapped behind it.

Climb up the shelves from the top of the truck, to reach Flotsam (5/5) and unlock the Is Anybody Out There? Trophy or Achievement.

With the help of the Nomes, roll the truck up the slope to the right, then stop in front of the shelves and climb up the boxes.

Go along the top of the shelves and through the hole in the wall to the right.

On the other side, pull the switch to open the door.

Push the truck along the track to the right, until it rolls downhill and smashes through the barricaded door.

If you've not already been carrying it with you, go back and grab the Nome statue from the previous area, then place it with the other Nomes on the trap door in the next room.

Climb through the opening to the right, go down the ladder, then head left into the next room and pull the switch to drop the three Nomes and the statue.

Pick up the Nome statue and carry it up the ramp to the furnace, then throw it in to unlock the Ashes In The Maw Trophy or Achievement.

Make sure any Nomes in the surrounding area have been carried to the ramp to throw coal into the furnace - once you have enough of them working, the bucket lift in the background will start running. Ride it up to the next area.

Jump off the lift before it reaches the furnace, then work your way right.

When a suitcase blocks your path, look in the back left corner to find a group of Nomes, who will lift it out of the way for you.

In the next room full of Nomes, climb up the crates/table on the right and go through the hole in the wall.

Continue heading right, until you find yourself on top of a lift with The Lady inside, which is where this second DLC concludes.

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