Little Nightmares Nome, Statue, and Flotsam collectibles walkthrough guide (including DLC)

The Guest Area

4 Nomes, 2 Statues

At the very start of the chapter, go left through the hole to find a secret room with a lamp to light.

There's also a Nome (1/4) here to hug.

Go back to the start and along the pipe to the end, climb the ladder then shimmy up the anchor chain outside.

Work you way along a series of vents and platforms, them climb the rafters near a procession of monsters.

Jump along the series of suspended lights, then squeeze through the door gap.

At the end of the next room go through the gap, then be prepared to sprint right to evade the monster that chases you.

Use the stool to climb onto the table, then ascend the stack of plates and swing on the light to reach the hole to the right.

At the end of the next room drag the stool the the left, revealing a hole leading to a secret room.

Head in there and give the Nome (2/4) a hug.

There's also a lamp you can light.

Back in the dining room, use the stool to climb onto the table then sprint left while avoiding the grabbing monsters.

Jump left at the end to grab and climb the rafters, then jump right at the top to reach the upper level via the hanging tray.

Vault the railing at the back, then run left.

Jump off the ramp at the end and swing on the light to reach the next area.

Head left, but when the monster spots you and gives chase sprint to the right.

It'll get stuck under the shelf, at which point you can climb over it and escape to the left.

Go through the vent to the next corridor, then run away from the chef coming out of the lift.

Hide under the bathroom sink until they leave and shut the door.

Throw the can that falls off the shelf at the mirror to smash it, then enter the hidden room behind and climb the railings.

Head right along the pipe, making sure you drop down onto the table at the far end.

There's a Statue (1/2) here you can smash, then go down the lift.

When you exit the lift, go down the corridor and light another lamp.

Enter the room on the left to find another Nome (3/4) to hug.

Heading right will trigger a long running section, so be ready to sprint and climb the falling cabinet near the end.

At the far end, make sure you hang on to the light until the support gets knocked forwards, otherwise you won't make the jump to the other side.

There's another lamp to light here.

Your hunger pains are back, so keep shuffling right until you get your meal, which grimly counts as the final Nome (4/4) for the Little Lost Things Trophy or Achievement.

Climb through the vent on the right the go up the rafters at the end.

When you emerge from the vent, go left to find a Statue (2/2) to smash next to a barrel.

Grab the can next to the shelves, then throw it at the lift button to call it. Step inside to end the chapter.

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