Lightfall can't catch a break as Bungie disables Destiny 2 mods like Reaper and Dynamo

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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If you've found your Destiny 2 Reaper mod not working, you're not alone - amid the largely negative first impressions of Lightfall, Bungie has had to disable Reaper and Dynamo mods due to a bonanza of Super exploits.

"Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the Reaper and Dynamo armor mods," Bungie says in a tweet. The devs haven't actually defined what that issue is, but it seems clear that it's about a pair of Super exploits that arrived alongside Lightfall.

The Reaper mod is meant to spawn an Orb of Power when you get a weapon kill after using a class ability, and it's a pretty valuable orb generator for many builds. But once you'd gotten that kill in PvP, you could run to the center of the map, remove the mod, and enjoy a massive shower of Orbs, as demonstrated in the video below.

Dynamo, meanwhile, is supposed to reduce your Super cooldown when you use a class ability near targets. The issue here is less of an exploit, and more that the mod just got too good, generating way more Super energy than it was likely intended to. Amusingly, despite Lightfall introducing a whole new mod system, this isn't the first time the Dynamo mod has been used this way, 

Lightfall has been taking a battering so far, primarily due to its vague story and a lackluster debut for the new Strand subclass. Our Destiny 2 Lightfall review, while still in progress, says "there is no redeeming this campaign," and early Steam reviews have shoved the expansion down to a 'mostly negative' rating. It remains to be seen how the post-Lightfall endgame will tickle players as Destiny 2's live service rolls on – and things do seem to be improving as our reviewer plays more of the post-story content – but the early mood hasn't been good.

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