Liam Neeson talks Dark Knight Rises

Liam Neeson has been talking to MTV about upcoming bat-sequel The Dark Knight Rises , and from the sounds of things, talk of a Ra’s al Ghul cameo might be a bit wide of the mark.

“I’m eager to see this one,” he said of the new film, before adding, “I haven’t got a fucking clue what it’s about.” This despite the fact that his voice was used in the teaser trailer, sparking rumours of a Ra’s al Ghul return.

“Chris Nolan's made wonderful films, very rich, dark and complex, especially [ The Dark Knight ]," he said, before referring to how the last film was “cloaked in tragedy," after Heath Ledger’s death.

The internet had previously been rife with rumours that Neeson had filmed a cameo for The Dark Knight Rises , although given how close Nolan keeps his cards to his chest, that could still be the case. Perhaps Neeson filmed his scene without knowing exactly how the rest of the film was going to pan out?

Either that, or he’s an excellent bluffer who’s thrown everyone off the scent by pretending to be completely clueless as to what Nolan has planned. We’ll have to wait until the film arrives on 20 July 2012 to find out for sure.

George Wales

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