LeBron James and Rick and Morty are coming to MultiVersus

MultiVersus LeBron James
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American basketball legend LeBron James is coming to MultiVersus as a playable fighter next week, and Rick and Morty from the titular cartoon are right behind him. 

The official MultiVersus Twitter account broke the eyebrow-raising news earlier today. James, known simply as LeBron in-game, will arrive on Tuesday, July 26, voiced by actor John Bentley rather than the athlete himself. Here's a brief showcase of his kit: 

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Rick and Morty are coming to the game a bit later, but will still be part of Season 1's character lineup. 

We don't know much about Rick and Morty for now, but a separate tweet confirmed that LeBron is among the Bruiser-type MultiVersus characters, putting him in the same class as Batman, Shaggy, Jake The Dog, and other beefy fighters. He can create and throw basketballs – obviously – or sweep the ball around his ankles (presumably as a down attack), and deny attacks by creating a fence to block projectiles or slamming the ball down at close range to spike opponents. 

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If you're surprised to see a real basketball player duking it out with cartoon characters and superheroes, you're in good company. But believe it or not, this isn't the first we've heard of LeBron James in MultiVersus, nor is it his first video game appearance. James previously starred in a Fortnite Space Jam crossover, and earlier this year, an increasingly credible leaker claimed that LeBron James was headed to Warner Bros' eclectic fighter alongside Ted Lasso from the titular football comedy series. The same source also mentioned Rick and Morty as well as Gizmo from Gremlins. Only LeBron has been announced for now, but at this point, it's harder to say who won't be coming to MultiVersus. 

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