Leaked Apex Legends Season 2 trailer has dragons, destruction, and Battle Pass teases

Apex Legends Season 2 (opens in new tab) won't kick off until next week on Tuesday, July 2, but two trailers for it have already arrived thanks to some fresh leaks. The official Apex Legends YouTube channel published an animated teaser (opens in new tab) for the Battle Charge season earlier today, and players dug up what looks like the official launch trailer (thanks to ChangeThisXBL (opens in new tab) for sharing it, and Jacky (opens in new tab) for uploading it to YouTube). The teaser looks great, but the launch trailer is more informative, so we'll focus on that here. 

The trailer opens with a look at some of the Apex Legends map changes (opens in new tab) coming in Battle Charge. Simply put, a lot of stuff got blown up and now there are dragons everywhere. The Cascades and the Repulsor Tower seem to have been hit the hardest, but there are changes all over King's Canyon, like the new base camp along the river. Oh, and did I mention the dragons? You can find them in cages or perched on buildings, and the big-ol' striders once confined to the map's edge are stomping around with them. 

We also get a glimpse at how the Season 2 Battle Pass is looking to improve on the lackluster first season. The new character and gun skins look a lot better, for starters, and there are also more defined ranks and challenges this time around. We'll have a new hero and weapon - Wattson and the L-Star, respectively - to play with too. The new Mozambique hop-up (opens in new tab) is also featured in the trailer, and from the looks of it - jump to 1:50 in the trailer - it could make the long-forgotten shotgun-pistol-thing actually worth using. 

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