Apex Legends Mozambique buff will "make it usable" with a hop-up, Respawn says

An Apex Legends Mozambique buff is on the way, Respawn announced during today's EA E3 2019 presentation. A new weapon hop-up coming in Apex Legends season 2 "makes it usable," executive producer Drew McCoy said of the misfortunate mini-shotgun. We don't know what exactly the hop-up will do - maybe it lets you dual-wield Mozambiques as several players have jokingly suggested - but it should give the gun a much-needed boost. 

Right now, the Mozambique is just plain bad. It has short range, a small mag, and poor damage. Staggeringly unhelpful, really. But at the very least, it's been a force for good. Earlier this year, when the African country of Mozambique was devastated by Cyclone Idai, Apex Legends players rallied to donate to the country's aid and rebuilding efforts, ultimately raising thousands of dollars - all in the name of a bad but beloved shotgun. You can't argue with that kind of wholesomeness.

Funnily enough, the last time Respawn directly discussed buffing the Mozambique, it outright said that the "current plan is to keep enjoying the memes," and by god are the Mozambique memes. It's almost vindicating to see the Mozambique get a buff after being dunked on for months. I can hear the Mozambique devotees now: "Who's laughing now!?" they'll cry, standing over the freshly dropped death crate of the first player to ever be killed by a Mozambique. Whatever the new hop-up is, it's sure to make for some great highlight clips. Mozambique-only victory when? 

We also got a slightly more important reveal today: Apex Legends Wattson is coming to the battlefield soon. 

Austin Wood

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