The Last of Us Remastered - Collectibles guide

The Firefly Lab - The Hospital  

Artifact #82: Surgeon's Recorder
As soon as you emerge from the stairwell, this will be in front of you on a counter.

Firefly Pendant #30
The room behind the counter is locked, but you can use a shiv to unlock it. Do so to find a pendant on a computer desk inside.

Artifact #83: Marlene's Recorder 1
From you entrance via the stairwell, make two quick right turns to enter a small room. Inside, you'll find another artifact next to a computer.

Artifact #84: Marlene's Journal
Continue around the corridor to find a large quarantine tent. Enter to find another artifact on a table inside.

Artifact #85: Marlene's Recorder 2
As you head down the final corridor to Ellie's operating room, make a right at the first door. In here, you'll find another artifact on a table near the window.

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