5 million people played Fallout games in a single day, with Fallout 76 alone accounting for 1 million, amid the TV show's massive success

Fallout 4
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The massive success of the Fallout TV show is inspiring millions of people to play the games on which the Amazon Prime series is based.

Specifically, Bethesda revealed on Twitter that a whopping five million people played Fallout games in a single day, with the MMORPG spinoff Fallout 76 accounting for a million of those players.

It's no surprise that the Fallout TV show is fueling a surge in interest the video game series, which has led to a rediscovery of New Vegas's overpowered bisexuality mechanic, RPG veterans luring newbies to an infamously dangerous location, and an absolute storm of traffic on Fallout mod sites. Here at GR+, US managing editor Rollin Bishop is returning to New Vegas after 10 years away, and senior writer Heather Wald is gleefully replaying Fallout 4.

However, it wasn't until now that we had a firm statistic as to just how many people are playing the Fallout game series amid the TV show's success. I'd definitely be interested in a more detailed breakdown, i.e., how many of those players are new to the series, how many are returning players after how many years away, and how many are diehards that can't stop won't stop? Even so, the figures revealed today are a testament not only to the quality of the TV adaptation, but of the source work as well.

The first season of the Fallout TV show is eight episodes long and streaming on Amazon Prime now. A second season has already been greenlit

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