Kung-fu brawler Sifu delayed to 2022

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Kung-fu brawler Sifu has been delayed to early 2022, a new trailer for the game confirms.

Debuting today during the July PlayStation State of Play stream, the new Sifu trailer showcases the brawler's unique aging system, which makes the player character a few years older every time they die. 

You can continue reviving yourself for a while, but there's a finite number of times you can come back before you're donezo - that's right, Sifu has permadeath, so best to plan your moves carefully and avoid dying as much as possible. The new trailer shows the protagonist age from 40-years-old all the way to 54 after just a few KOs, so it doesn't look like it takes much for you to reach that death limit and be forced to start over. Check it out for yourself down below. 

Elsewhere in the new trailer, there is plenty of fast-paced, fluid combat between the protagonist and several baddies at once. Developer Sloclap has confirmed that you'll be able to choose between a male and female protagonist in Sifu, but judging from a recent gameplay trailer showing off both options, the player's combat style doesn't change much based on gender.

Another Sifu trailer from GamesRadar's Future Games Show taught us more about the Sifu player character's motivations for turning every room they enter into a blood bath. You see, you're on a quest for revenge after your family was murdered by a group of assassins, and each one is a main boss fight inspired by five elements of kung-fu: wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. Of course, you'll need to plow through dozens of nameless grunts in between each boss battle, but that's half the fun.

In a tweet after the showcase, developer Sloclap confirmed the reason for the delay on Twitter, citing that the team would have to comprise on quality and crunch to release in 2021, saying "neither of which is acceptable", while also apologizing. Considering just how bone-crunchingly fun Sifu looks, we're more than happy to wait until it's ready to really make its blows land. 

Sifu is due to launch on PS5, PS4, and PC  in early 2022.

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