Kraven The Hunter will be Sony's first R-rated Marvel movie

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train
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Kraven The Hunter, Sony’s new Spider-Man universe movie, will be getting an R-rating. The news was confirmed at CinemaCon 2023 where star Aaron Taylor-Johnson introduced the first footage of the upcoming Marvel film.

Per Deadline, Taylor-Johnson said ahead of the teaser: "Will it be rated R? Fuck yeah it will be rated R." This will be Sony's first Marvel movie to be rated as such, following on from their Spider-Man and Venom movies (although the latter did receive a 15 rating in the UK). 

This is a pretty big deal as very few Marvel movies have landed an R-rating on the big screen. The Deadpool movies and Logan did, but they were released through 21st Century Fox before it was acquired by Disney

From the reports of the first footage of the movie, it seems like they will be making the most of the rating too. While it hasn’t yet been released to the public, The Hollywood Reporter writes that it features a Kraven (Taylor-Johnson) killing a caravan of poachers in a very bloody way. 

His creative methods include biting one man and spitting out his skin. The footage also revealed a major Spider-Man villain will appear as Alessandro Nivola debuted as The Rhino. While only his grey arm was shown, if the show takes inspiration from the comics, he’ll prove a very brutal adversary for Kraven.

Kraven The Hunter arrives on October 6, but it isn’t the only Spider-Man universe movie on the way either. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming out in June, Venom 3 is in the works, and spin-off Madame Web is in production too

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