Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning factions guide

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning factions
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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning factions represent different groups you can complete a series of quests for, and although the majority of these assignments aren't too taxing, the outcome and reward you receive at the conclusion of each questline isn't so clear. This is because you'll encounter a turning point towards the end of each sequence, and the decision you make there will determine which of the two possible rewards you'll receive to enhance your character.

For that reason, we've highlighted the benefits of joining each faction, along with details of these end-of-quest decisions so you can made the choice that best suits your style. Don't stress about choosing between them, as you can join all five factions and complete their quests without any detriment. If you're ready to learn more about the different Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning factions then we start with the Warsworn Faction below, before moving on to the Travelers Faction, Scholia Arcana Faction, House of Sorrows Faction, and House of Ballads Faction over the subsequent pages.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Warsworn Faction

This faction is perfect for those with physical might builds. It will probably be the first faction you encounter as well. Kick things off by speaking to Ost Odura in the Gohart Inn. He’s the dude leaning against the wall looking all emo (pictured above). He’ll give you the first quest.

The Commendation

You need to track down the Krast brothers and take their daggers. Their locations are given on your map, and there’s no real difficulty involved with this quest. Once you have the daggers, return to Odura for his commendation and the next quest.

The Road Patrol

Head to Shieldring Keep, just east of Gohart in Yolvan. With commendation in hand, Tine Delfric will give you some work. Didenhill is your next destination, so head east.

Enter Healer’s Cottage and speak to Wyl Rendig. He asks you to meet him at Warden’s Bridge in Lorca-Rane. There you will meet Ost Odura again. After speaking with him, investigate all of the clues that pop up on your map. You’ll eventually run into a single Niskaru Hunter, which should be no problem regardless of your level. Follow Odura until you run into two more Niskaru. Defeat them to finish this quest.

The Heart of Sibun

Follow Odura into Brigand Hall Caverns and ‘explore’ it with him. Be wary of the many traps laid out here. You can see them easily enough even without the detect hidden skill, and you need only disarm a few in order to pass safely.

At the end of the dungeon you’ll face a Niskaru Tyrant. If you haven’t run into one of these before, they are one of the toughest enemies in the game. The Tyrant uses ranged attacks, quick swipes, and tackles, meaning you’re not very safe at any range. Keep moving and be prepared to whittle down its health bit by bit. Finish it off then grab the artifact and head back to Shieldring Keep.

Lock and Key

You are now a member of the Warsworn, and Tine Delfric wastes no time in putting you to work. Head to Helmgard Deep, found between Tala-Rand and Forsaken Plain, and speak to Grian Shane. He’ll want you to meet with Gwyn Anwy at the ancient vault to the south.

Inside you’ll run into several mages, so be prepared to deal with some ranged spells. Take them out and head back to Helmgard. Gwyn Anwy has been locked up, so go to the prison and speak with her. Get the key from her and show it to Grian.

Next, visit Tefroy Tarion in Tirin’s rest. He’s inside the Locksmith building, down in the lab. Be ready to take out a few mages before talking to him. If you have the cash, Tarion can also train you in Lockpicking. Head back to Helmgard.

The House of No Doors

It’s time to question Livia Fenan. After that, speak to Shane before heading out to the Tywili Coast to speak to Elbin Meroch. If you can successfully persuade him, you won’t have to fight. If you do fight, simply focus on taking out Elbin to end the battle quickly. Head to Customs House in Rathir.

Talk to the window grill. Again, if you can successfully persuade, you can avoid a fight with two mages. Enter the secret lair. At the end of this dungeon you’ll have to battle Mad Harst along with a couple mages and a Niskaru hunter. The Niskaru will stay on you while the mages use ranged spells, so try and take out the beast first. If you have a full fate meter, you can end the battle very quickly. Exit the dungeon and head southwest to meet up with Gwyn.

The Isle of Eamonn

Follow Gwyn to the docks. Once on the island, find Eamonn’s Fortress and enter it. Near the end of the dungeon, you’ll have to battle waves of mages. Find the mural, examine it, then head back to Shieldring Keep.

The Mystic Hammer

Go to Eagonn’s Tomb, which is found in Detyre. Grab the Mystic Hammer from the sarcophagus then head to Ironfast Keep, which is to the southeast. Speak to Gwyn then head to the Hall of the Firstsworn to the south to re-forge the hammer. Inside the hall you’ll run into a magic-locked door, one which Gwyn does not know how to open. Open the door by going into reckoning mode. Re-forge the hammer on the other side and speak to Gwyn.

The Mountain Prison

Head to Cloudcrest, which is to the west. Enter the passage and proceed until you come across the first of six pillars. They need to be destroyed with the Mystic Hammer. Let your allies fight the enemies near the first pillar and head up the path to the peak, destroying pillars as you go.

Eventually you’ll have to fight Anru Besin, his mages, and his Niksarus. He will heal his last Niskaru when its life gets below a certain point, and if you manage to kill it, he’ll summon four more.

After the fight you’ll be given a dialog choice. This is where things get complicated. Just know that whichever you choose, the achievement will unlock (this is the case with all factions).

Choice: “Make me your instrument!”

Obviously, this is the ‘evil’ choice. If you select this, you will be tasked with killing the other Warsworn. First take out Gwyn, then head back to the keep and kill the entire group. Head to the vault and take the Heart of Siburn. As soon as you do, you’ll get the “Forsworn” twist of fate card. See the screen below for the effects:

Choice: “That will never happen!”

Speak to Gwyn and head back to the Hall of the Firstsworn. Upon speaking to Tine Delfric, you’ll get the “Truesworn” twist of fate card. See the screen below for the effects:

Choose a faction: